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Recap / Sense8 S2E01 "Happy F*cking New Year"

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Happy birthday!

Will uses heroin to block out Whispers while hiding in a safe house with Riley. Kala has married Rajan, but Wolfgang remains in her thoughts. Jonas reveals to Will that his cluster is not the first to be born by Angelica and that Whispers takes medication to block his sensate abilities. Kabaka gifts Capheus a new matatu to repay him. The eight celebrate their shared birthday. Lito refuses to deny his homosexuality upsetting his agents after Joaquin releases the pictures. Felix wakes up in the hospital and returns to normal. Joong-Ki hires men to kill Sun in prison but she defeats them with the help of the cluster. Lito is evicted from his apartment for his homosexuality, but his mother lovingly accepts him. Nomi and Amanita move in with Bug, as Nomi is still being pursued by government agents and especially Agent Bendix. Whispers intimidates Will by paying his dad a visit. Wolfgang is offered by his aunt and, later, territory boss Volker Bohm, the opportunity to become involved with organized crime the way his uncle was; he turns them down. Later, Bohm's hitmen perpetrate a shooting and come after Wolfgang, but he defeats them with help from the cluster.


Tropes present in this episode:

  • Candlelit Bath: Riley and Will share one for their birthday.
  • Christmas Episode:It's marketed as such, but it also easily counts as Birthday Episode, Thanksgiving Episode, and New Year Has Come, as the events and holidays from August to January are celebrated.
  • Emerging from the Shadows: Capheus is shot against the light for the first few minutes of his appearance, covering his face. This seems to signify the fact that his actor has changed.
  • Evil Power Vacuum: Wolfgang caused one by murdering his family and not taking their place.
  • Groin Attack: Rajan breaks his penis when Kala accidentally knocks him off the bed. Yeah...
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Jela points out that Capheus has been looking "different" lately, clearly a reference to the fact that the character's actor has been recast between seasons. Capheus replies with "New barber."
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  • Mood Whiplash: The Christmas sequence is immediately followed by Whispers visiting Will.
  • Never Trust a Title: While the climax is set around Christmastime, the episode itself covers major events from at least August until the year's end.
  • Sex Montage
  • Reality Ensues: Wolfgang trying to slam the door on his and Kala's relationship by murdering his uncle may have shocked her into marrying Rajan, but it did nothing to abate their feelings for each other and ultimately just made everything much worse.
  • Tempting Fate: Riley thinks it's alright to take Will outside on Christmas Day, because Whispers has a family and will be preoccupied. She's wrong.
  • Title Drop: It's the last line of the episode, spoken by Wolfgang after the cluster helps him deal with a group of assassins.

Alternative Title(s): Sense 8 S 2 E 01 Happy Fucking New Year


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