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Recap / Sealab 2021 S 2 E 6 Bizarro

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The literal Bizarro Episode.

The crew of Sealab are being held hostage by strange bizarro versions of themselves, who want a destructo beam/diamonds/both. Quinn tries to think of a plan to escape, but is too grossed out by Bizarro Quinn, who's a birdlike creature. The Bizarros try to prove how serious they are by having Bizarro Stormy commit suicide, and having Bizarro Debbie take Normal Quinn away for 'interrogation', while Bizarro Quinn accidentally kills Bizarro Sparks.

It turns out in this case, 'interrogation' means sex, and Normal Debbie is pissed that Normal Quinn's screwing Bizarro Debbie. Normal Murphy takes a shine to Bizarro Quinn and dubs him Turtleface, trying to feed him a peanut until he finds out Bizarro Quinn's allergic.

After the 'interrogation' fails to get answers or anything but Quinn in a bathrobe, the Bizarros try brainwashing the normal crew with a video. However, the video brainwashes the Bizarros instead, and Quinn convinces them to leave. After a few false starts, they do so.


The Stinger: The normal crew talking about the day, and Murphy laughing that he fed Bizarro Quinn a whole bag of peanuts before he left.

The Other Stinger: The Sealab crew are held hostage again, this time by Groovy versions of themselves looking for a patchouli beam.

  • An Ice Person: Bizzaro Stormy.
  • Brain in a Jar: Bizzaro Sparks.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Under Bizzaro Murphy's orders, Bizzaro Debbie interrogates Quinn thorough sex, much to Murphy and Debbie's horror.
  • SpaceX: Enforced by the Bizzaro Crew, who keeps reminding each other to use the word bizarro in their sentences.
  • Race Lift: In-universe, Bizzaro Quinn is a ginger chicken.


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