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Recap / Scooby Doo Mystery Inc S 1 E 7 In Fear Of The Phantom

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The Hex Girls are in town to perform a concert, but a phantom is attempting to keep them from playing. Meanwhile, Fred attempts to process his developing feelings for Daphne and Scooby holds a grudge against Shaggy ditching him earlier.

The episode has examples of:

  • Companion Cube: Scooby obstinately continues treating Harry as a real person, even after Shaggy saves his life.
  • Continuity Nod: Scooby is still upset about Shaggy going to the prom with Velma instead of hanging out with him in the last episode. He even briefly replaces him with a dummy as his best friend.
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  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The Hex Girls manager used to be the manager of a singer called Fancy Pants. After he was dropped by his old label, the manager mentions that Pants "went down the rabbit hole". Consider for a moment what that's slang for, and what some rock stars get involved with when their career hits a rocky patch...
  • Goth: The Hex Girls and later Daphne; at first to be a decoy for Thorn to attempt to capture the Phantom. But after failing to capture the Phantom and Daphne herself gets captured, Fred investigates where he set up his traps but talks to himself while unknowingly being in earshot of Daphne who is tied up and gagged. He states to himself he wishes he didn't care about her (basically, so he could focus more on investigations of mysteries). This pushes Daphne to anger after she is found and untied, so she asks (or demands) the Hex Girls help make her over into a "Rock Star". Basically giving her a Gothic makeover in makeup and clothes, and she gives herself the name "Crush". The transformation isn't just superficial though, as when Crush (Daphne) and Thorn are talking about mutual unrequited love problems, Crush prematurely concludes that Thorn's solution is to "Cut the break lines in his van!" for a former love, when Thorn's actual solution to get over the failed relationship is to just write a song about it. Thorn decides the best thing for Crush to do is write a song about Fred together ("Trap of Love") and Crush shall be the lead singer for that song and perform it at the Hex Girls' next concert.
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  • Idiot Ball: Instead of helping Daphne, Fred inspects the trap to see what went wrong.
  • Large Ham: The Phantom is very melodramatic.
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: The establishing shot of the concert hall the Hex Girls are playing at in the opening scene is a near identical copy to the exterior of the former Goth and Club Kid venue called Limelight NYC.
  • Mythology Gag: The Hex Girls, who have appeared in a couple of Scooby's works before. They also perform multiple songs from their first appearance in Scooby-Doo! and the Witch's Ghost.
  • Stealth Insult: "You're the only dummy for me."
  • Tin Man: Fred, who believes men aren't supposed to have feelings, starts having concern for Daphne.


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