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Recap / Schitts Creek 68 The Presidential Suite

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Tropes that Appear in This Episode

  • Bittersweet Ending: Even though Alexis and Ted love each other deeply, they realize their lives are taking them in different directions and they break up.
  • Call-Back: Patrick and David met while Ray was doing an engagement photo shoot, and now they are the engaged couple Ray is photographing.
  • Character Development: Alexis used to be firmly in the All Take and No Give category when it came to relationships, but she's willing to let Ted follow his dreams.
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  • Did Not Get the Girl: Alexis once would have chased a man anywhere in the world, but she's grown as a person and her journey is about taking care of herself.
  • Flashback: Alexis thinks about meeting Ted in the cafe in Season One, and we briefly see the scene.
  • Friendship Moment: Johnny and Moira give up The Presidential Suite to Roland and Jocelyn.
  • Love Can Not Overcome: Ted and Alexis and even Twyla try and think of a solution to their dilemma, but to no avail.

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