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Recap / Sanders' Sides S1 E3 "Taking on ANXIETY with Lilly Singh!!"

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Thomas is feeling relaxed, but then Anxiety shows up and ruins his peace. Unsettled, he asks Princey for help, and he suggests Thomas to retreat to his mind to find recruitments. In doing so, Thomas and Anxiety are transported to a recreation of Lilly Singh's apartment. There, Lilly gives Thomas a few tricks to help him, if not destroy Anxiety, at least bring him down enough.

Release date: December 19, 2016

WARNING: Untagged spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.


  • Banishing Ritual: Thomas takes a deep breath, reminds himself that having anxiety is normal and that anxiety is just questions and fears in his head, and nothing more. This first makes Anxiety dizzy, then finally expels him from the living room.
  • Censored for Comedy: "Hey, I'm Thomas, and I don't give a f... [bleep]! [pulling out a fork] I take them! I said 'fork', why was that bleeped?"
  • Did I Mention It's Christmas?: The story takes place on Christmas, but other than Thomas at the beginning briefly mentioning that he may be feeling relaxed because of the time of the year it is and the Christmas tree that appears in Lilly Singh's home in several scenes, Christmas isn't mentioned at all throughout the story.
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  • Double Take: When Anxiety says that he's only taking care of Thomas, this exchange happens:
    Anxiety: Yeah, he was invited to a couple parties. If I wasn't there to convince him not to go, who knows what bad things could have happened?
    Princey: Yeah... He might have had to talk to some people, dance ridiculously and have a fun night!
    Anxiety: Yeah! Wait... what?
  • I Don't Like You and You Don't Like Me: First time that Princey uses his stock phrase, "I don't like you", towards Anxiety.
  • Jump Scare: When Thomas congratulates himself for getting rid of Anxiety, at least for the moment, Princey congratulates him. Thomas, who had forgotten Princey was still there, jumps scared and yells a "WHAT THE F...!"
  • The Nicknamer: Anxiety is the first one to call Creativity with the nickname "Princey".
  • Remember the New Guy?: Thomas introduces Anxiety only for the audience, but it is implied that he has been around for some time before his official introduction and that he already was well known at least for Thomas and Princey.
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  • Shout-Out: Princey sinks down singing "You're Welcome!", from Moana. Thomas lampshades the reference.
  • Special Guest: Lilly Singh makes an appearance as a guest star in this episode portraying a recreation of herself in the Mind Palace.
  • Tempting Fate: As soon as Thomas says that he's feeling relaxed, Anxiety pops up to make him feel otherwise.

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