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Recap / Sanders Sides S 1 E 15 Becoming A Cartoon

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Thomas expresses his love for cartoons and how he would love to be in a cartoon world. Logan tells him that's impossible, but Thomas proves him otherwise when he catches a plane and flights to Los Angeles, to meet Butch Hartman and ask him to turn him into a cartoon. Hartman reluctantly agrees and Thomas and the Sides become cartoons for a minute.

Release date: June 9, 2017

WARNING: Untagged spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.


  • Audience Participation: During production, Thomas Sanders asked viewers to send him short videos of themselves saying the words "We know". These videos were inserted in the form of montages shouting at Thomas, Roman and Patton when they said something that at this point of the series was meant to be obvious for the audience, like when Thomas says he enjoys cartoons ("We know!"), Roman says that Thomas loves Disney movies ("We know!") or Patton explains the meaning of a dad joke ("WE KNOW!!").
  • Friend to All Living Things: As a cartoon, Roman, as the Disney prince he is, is surrounded by birds whose singing annoys Thomas.
  • Hypocritical Humor: There are two examples of this trope:
    • Virgil comments on how Thomas sometimes makes cartoony facial expressions. Thomas then asks when he's ever done something like that—while making as many cartoony facial expressions as possible.
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    • This exchange:
      Roman: After all, the best kind of comedy in cartoons follows some line of logic. Otherwise, it would just be random and that's...
      Patton: [yelling with a potato in his hand, looking at the camera] PO-TA-TO!
      Roman: ...never funny.
  • Medium Blending: There's an animation sequence of 1 minute of length starring Cartoon Thomas and his Sides.
  • A Rare Sentence: A phrase by Roman, understandable in context, but quite weird out of it, as Virgil points out.
    Logan: I would like a say in this...
    Roman: Not today, Logic!
    Virgil: [ironically] That's a good phrase to live by...
  • Rule of Three: The number of times that different groups of people react to Thomas and the Sides making obvious statements by yelling "We know!"
  • Special Guest: Butch Hartman, creator of The Fairly OddParents! among other shows, appears As Himself and animates the cartoon sequence. Tara Strong, who voices Timmy Turner, makes a voice cameo as herself. Also, British singer dodie, who is one of Thomas Sanders' best friends, makes a one second long cameo as one of the audience members shouting "We know".

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