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Recap / Sakura Wars (TV)

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  1. Sakura Arrives at the Capital
  2. The City You Should Protect
  3. Sakura's Stage Debut
  4. The Flower Combat Troops' New Commander
  5. Evil Shadow
  6. The Koubu's Heart
  7. Tasty Order
  8. This is the Revue
  9. A Girl Called Kazuar
  10. The Kanna That Summons a Storm
  11. The Flower Division Training Camp
  12. Lonely Birthday
  13. Bloom Like a Flower! On a Maiden's Pride!
  14. Iris Goes Forth
  15. Sakura's Return to Her Homeland
  16. Anti-Kouma Squad
  17. Overture
  18. Cinderella
  19. The Formation to Destroy Evil
  20. The Darkness Steals Closer
  21. One More Battle
  22. The Imperial Theatre Goes Up in Flames
  23. Machine of Dreams
  24. Ties
  25. Continuation of the Dream

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