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Review Guide:

Ever want a quick guide as to what score Chuck gave a particular episode of Star Trek? You're in luck, because the Recap section has got you covered. Remember, the score given is relative to all other episodes in each particular series, and not in any other. Also, the scores are awarded in approximate bell-curve fashion: this means that there will be relatively few episodes with a very high or very low score. The scores listed below will always reflect his most recent review of that episode.


Within each score category, episodes are listed by series, in chronological order (by original airdate). Clicking on the episode title will link you to our write-up about it in the Recap section of the site.

This is a work in progress, so please feel free to lend a hand.

SF Debris Opinionated Star Trek Episode Scores:

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Chuck has stated that a score of 5 means that the episode is typical for that series. Episodes rated higher than 5 are "above average", and episodes rated lower than 5 are "below average".
Chuck has implied (in his "Twisted" review) that a score of 1 is awarded to an episode so bad that it does the entire franchise a disservice by being associated with it, but is not the worst episode, period, of its respective show. A merely "appallingly bad" or garden-variety racist or sexist episode will usually get a 2; it takes extreme incompetence on the part of the production crew to lose that last point.

A score of zero is awarded to episodes which are not only the absolute worst of their respective series, but do the entire franchise a disservice by being associated with it.
  • TOS: "And the Children Shall Lead" - Awarded for nonsensical and idiotic plot, incredibly cheap budget, annoying children, padding, complete lack of suspense or whim and pathetic underacting from the guest star and incredibly over-the-top acting from William Shatner.
  • TAS: "The Infinite Vulcan" - Walter Koenig's sole writing credit for the animated series, which was heavily meddled in by Gene Roddenberry, resulting in a near-incoherent story that culminates with the ludicrous plot twist of the antagonist's master plan being to create an army of giant Spock clones. In his post-series wrap-up of TAS, Chuck indicated that of all the Star Trek episodes to end up with a zero, this was the one he considered the least bad.
  • TNG: "Code of Honor" - Awarded not only due to its silly plot and horribly incompetent direction, but the Unfortunate Implications of having the planet's population consist entirely of black people and being a stereotype of Darkest Africa from the 1940's. He considers it even worse than "Shades of Gray", since that episode by nature of being a clip show will have brief moments from better episodes, while he finds "Code of Honor" terrible from start to finish.
  • DS9: "Profit and Lace" - The worst of the infamously badnote Ferengi episodes. Awarded for truly awful attempts at comedy, to the point where some scenes as they were originally scripted were so offensive that the lead actor, director, and producers all felt uncomfortable at various points during the production.
  • VOY: "Threshold" - The only episode that the series explicitly denied ever happened due to multiple violations of common sense in physics and biology.
  • ENT: "A Night in Sickbay" - An episode where Archer demonstrates his diplomacy training by sulking about his dog. Actually got some of the highest ratings of the season, but they plummeted after this episode and put the franchise in danger. In his sixth anniversary compilation, he stated that this was the single worst piece of Trek-related material he had ever seen.
  • Movie: No movie has been awarded with a zero (yet).

  • TNG:
    • "Family" (refused to assign a numerical rating because of how non-Trek it was, but noted that this didn't necessarily mean it was bad)
    • "Genesis": 3.5 (one half-point bonus awarded because "the actors put in pretty good performances")
  • VOY:
    • "Mortal Coil" (decided that he couldn't fairly score the episode due to his intense hatred of Neelix)
    • "11:59" (refused to score because, like "Family," he find it to be very unlike Trek)
  • DIS and PIC: Chuck is not assigning scores to episodes of these shows, due to them still being ongoing as of writing, and therefore not possible to fairly score.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness: No score was given in the review. In a Q&A session with Patreon supporters, Chuck said that giving it a score in the actual review had slipped his mind because he had so much to say about the movie (most of it bad). He said that if forced to give a score he would give it a 2; its effects were good but that was about the only positive thing he could say about it.
  • Star Trek Beyond: Chuck did not assign a score to this film either, thinking it unnecessary since he had given no score to Into Darkness earlier. In the same Q&A session, he said that he would give it a 6 or a 7; he considered it above average, as it improved Kirk's characterization and ended the Kelvin Timeline on a high and optimistic note, but left its main villain underdeveloped.

SF Debris Post-Episode Follow-Up Guide:

This section is a quick guide to the Post Episode Follow Up Awards given out to each episode. Like the scores, this is a work in progress.

    Annoying Character/Stupid Neelix Moment 
Note: Because this award is given out with almost every episode reviewed, only episodes where it is absent or otherwise subverted will be noted here.
  • TOS:
    • "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - Won by Spock's eyebrows.
    • "Court Martial" - Won by Jamie's dress.
    • "Arena" - Won by whoever thought Kirk's karate chop was a good idea.note 
    • "The Doomsday Machine" - Won by the Planet Killer for setting a bad example for children.
    • "The Ultimate Computer" - Won by Dr. Daystrom's outfit.
    • "The Enterprise Incident" - Won by Kirk, but only when he's completely crazy in the first half of the episode.
    • "Patterns of Force" - Not awarded because "annoying" is too light an adjective to apply to Nazis.
  • TAS:
    • "Yesteryear" - Awarded to whoever ignored the script's specific instructions and gave Vulcan a moon even though Vulcan has no moon
    • "One of Our Planets Is Missing" - Whoever animated Bob Wesley's mouth.
    • "The Infinite Vulcan" - Won by Keniculus's wardrobe.
    • "The Pirates of Orion" - The Animation Flub of McCoy
    • "The Practical Joker" - The very concept of pranking.
  • TNG:
    • Three episodes have given the award to a real-life person rather than one of the episode's characters:
      • "Shades of Gray" - Awarded to episode writer and outgoing showrunner Maurice Hurley, as a special parting gift for the man Chuck considers the worst-ever Star Trek writer.
      • "The Most Toys" - Awarded to the episode's costume designer (Robert Blackman) due to the ugly outfits worn by Kivas Fajo and his crew, plus the one that Data had to wear while kidnapped.
      • "Qpid" - Won by the episode's directornote , due to the awkward staging and filming of much of the episode, combined with the fact that he didn't find any of the characters that annoying.
    • Seven episodes have given the award to an object rather than a person.
      • "11001001" - Won by the season one spandex uniforms
      • "The Hunted" - Won by James Cromwell's mustache
      • "The Best of Both Worlds" - Won by Wesley's hair
      • "The Wounded" - Won by Gul Macet's hat
      • "Half a Life" - Won by Michelle Forbes' barstool hairdo
      • "Parallels" - Won by Data's painting
      • "Face of the Enemy" - Won by the Romulan uniforms, for looking like novelty football uniforms.
    • "Yesterday's Enterprise" - Won by Lt. Castillo for picking on Happy Gilmore.
    • "Captain's Holiday" - Won by the entire Enterprise crew for the way they spend most of the first act.
    • "Ménage à Troi" - Chuck gave up, as between Lwaxana Troi and the Ferengi, it had too many annoying people.
    • "The Game" - Won by The "Outrageous" Okona, even though he wasn't in the episode, because he was so annoying in his own episode giving him the award just once simply wasn't enough.note 
    • "Realm of Fear" - Won by the bad special effects for making the object within the transporter look like an eye instead of a mouth
    • "Ship in a Bottle" - Won by Dr. Pulaski despite the fact that she had long-since departed TNG, due to Chuck's resentment at her being in "Elementary Dear Data," which he had to rewatch to get the backstory for this episode.
    • "Disaster" - Awarded jointly to Troi and Ro, the former for her inept handling of the crisis, and the latter for making the situation worse through her belligerent attitude.
    • "The Chase" - Awarded to Disney for shutting down Blip and making Chuck go to the trouble of finding a new host for his reviews.
    • "The Masterpiece Society" - Not awarded, as Chuck foregoes a post episode follow-up in favor of angrily rebutting Picard's invoking the Prime Directive to make the implied argument that the Enterprise crew may have done more harm than good by saving the titular colony from destruction.
  • DS9:
    • Six episodes have given the award to the entire cast instead of just one character:
      • "A Man Alone" - Awarded to everyone who isn't Molly O'Brien, for failing to live up to her standards of cuteness.note 
      • "Fascination"
      • "Nor The Battle To The Strong" - Awarded to everyone involved in the decaffeinated coffee scene, which is the entire main cast except for Bashir and Jake.
      • "Let He Who Is Without Sin..."
      • "The Begotten" - Technically to everyone involved with the B-plot, but this is the entire cast bar Odo, Dr. Mora and Sisko.
      • "Profit and Lace"
    • Three episodes have not been given the award, due to Chuck not finding any of the characters especially annoying:
      • "For The Uniform"
      • "Trials and Tribble-ations"
      • "What You Leave Behind"
    • "Civil Defense" - The Replicator Death Ray, because its killing of a red shirt turned the situation from darkly humorous to just plain mean.
    • "Past Tense" - Awarded to hippies "for the major crime of being hippies".
    • "Indiscretion" - Awarded to a sand spine Dukat accidentally sits on "for being a pain in the ass".
    • "Rules of Engagement" - Awarded for the judge's silly bell.
    • "The Quickening" - Awarded to anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy for "showing up afterwards and denouncing Bashir's successful vaccine."
    • "The Ship" - Awarded to all the characters in the ops scene — Kira, Bashir, Odo and Quark — due to the Mood Whiplash the scene caused in an otherwise tense, tightly-paced episode.
    • "Ties of Blood and Water" - Awarded to Major Kira, but only for the teaser.
    • "His Way" - Awarded to whoever put so many songs (five) in the episodenote .
    • "Far Beyond the Stars" - Given to whoever makes a reference to Louis C.K. in the comments since Chuck knows that his including a clip where 50s!Jake says "nigger" will get him in trouble.
    • "Take Me Out to the Holosuite" - Awarded to Abner Doubleday, the supposed inventor of baseball, for ultimately being the one responsible for the episode being made.
    • "Til Death Do Us Part" - Awarded to Dukat and Winn's makeout session for Squicking out Chuck.
    • "The Changing Face of Evil" - Awarded to Okona, as the discussion of independent traders made Chuck think of him.
    • "House of Quark" - Awarded to "The absence of Molly O'Brien because she makes every scene better with her bottomless cuteness," and she does not appear at all despite multiple scenes with Miles and Keiko.
  • VOY:
    • The following episodes have no Stupid Neelix Moment due to him not being present:
      • "Eye of the Needle"
      • "Emanations"
      • "Non Sequitur"
      • "Heroes and Demons"
      • "Retrospect"
      • "Renaissance Man"
    • Some episodes have no Stupid Neelix moment even if he was present.
      • "The 37's" - Not awarded, as Neelix has next to no dialogue, and Harry demonstrates far more stupidity in the episode.
      • "Tattoo" - Waived as compensation for Neelix suffering Eye Scream, and due to Chakotay's story being so stupid that everything Neelix does pales in comparison.
      • "Innocence" - Neelix only had one scene and it wasn't enough to get the award.
      • "Day of Honor" - Waived because Neelix was the only one willing to point out what a bunch of assholes the Caatati are to their faces.
      • "Demon" - There was no point in awarding one, as everyone else was an even bigger asshole in that episode.
      • "The Disease" - Actually received a bonus point for Neelix not acting like an idiot.
      • "Concerning Flight" - Neelix doesn't say or do anything in this episode.
      • "Tsunkatse" - Having just viewed the Psychlos' idiocy which cost them their homeworld earlier that week, he decided that nothing Neelix did could compare.
      • "The Void"- Not awarded because Neelix was actually helpful and competent this episode, so waived for that. He does, however, show what would have been the SNM.
      • "Unforgettable" - Not awarded because Neelix was far more compentently written than the rest of the episode... and as Chuck says, if he feels that inclined, then the writing team has done something wrong.
      • "Living Witness" - Not awarded, since Neelix only appears as a character in a forged, holographic version of Voyager's history, and the Neelix hologram doesn't do anything especially stupid.
      • "Omega Directive" - Not awarded, since Neelix only appeared in one scene where Harry was acting like a bigger dick.
      • "Once Upon a Time" - Waived due to a rare moment of Neelix seemingly realizing how annoying he is, when the Doctor pretends to be happy to see Neelix, whose reaction suggests that he knows full well this is something that no-one would ever say to him while genuinely meaning it.
      • "Muse" - Not awarded, as the Voyager-based stage plays that make up most of the episode don't have a Neelix counterpart at all, while the real Neelix only appears very briefly.
      • "11:59" - The original review didn't get a post-episode follow-up, therefore there was no Stupid Neelix Moment. However, Chuck later added one when he re-uploaded it several years later.
      • "Endgame" - Not awarded due to a combination of Neelix only appearing in one scene, and Chuck liking the idea that Neelix tried to investigate Voyager's disappearance, only to be assimilated by the surviving Borg.
      • "Survival Instinct" and "Hunters" didn't have Stupid Neelix Moments for undisclosed reasons.
    • Some episodes have Stupid Neelix Moments despite him not deserving them (or the actions in question not being his fault).
      • "Scientific Method" - Given for Neelix being turned into another alien, even though it wasn't actually his fault.
      • "Ashes to Ashes" - Given for Seven forcing the Borg children to have fun. Technically, Neelix wasn't responsible for this, but he was in the same room and Seven's actions were so stupid that Chuck blames him anyway.
      • "Life Line" - Awarded to a moment clearly undeserving of one
        Chuck: Neelix walked into a room and handed the Doctor a PADD. This offended me.
      • "The Gift" - Given to the departure of Kes, which is not caused by Neelix in universe but when the production team decided not to get rid of Harry Kim, they decided to also keep the hated Neelix and instead get rid of his attractive, intelligent and well liked girlfriend.
      • "Repression" - Given to Neelix offering Chakotay and Tuvok popcorn. This is because Chuck thinks Neelix put something in the popcorn even though there's no proof in the episode that Neelix messed with the popcorn in any way.
    • "Parturition" - instead of a Stupid Neelix Moment this episode is declared a Stupid Neelix Episode.
    • "Investigations" - The Stupid Neelix Moment is awarded during the episode itself, rather than the Post-Episode Follow-Up.

  • ENT:
    • "Broken Bow" - Awarded jointly to Mayweather and Tucker, since the former was more annoying in the first half of the story, and the latter was more annoying in the second half.
    • "The Andorian Incident" - Awarded jointly to a Vulcan monk and Shran's right-hand man, as they were equally annoying for different reasons.
    • "Two Days and Two Nights" - Awarded to the planet Risa as a whole, due to every episode set there being terrible, and the especially boring depiction of it in this episode.
    • "Stigma" - Awarded to the entire cast, due to the bigoted attitudes of the Vulcans, and generally irritating behavior of the people in Trip's sub-plot.
    • "First Flight" - Awarded to Starfleet Command as a whole, for appearing like a penny-pinching organization due to its very cheap-looking mission control.
    • "Storm Front" - Awarded to the Nazi White House for being distractingly poorly rendered CGI.
    • "Affliction"/"Divergence" - Awarded to whoever decided to add a targ to the story.
    • "Demons"/"Terra Prime" - Awarded to Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, for making "These Are The Voyages..." the Grand Finale of Enterprise instead of this story.

    Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh? 
Awarded whenever something from Earth history is described as ancient, regardless of which period of history it is from.
  • TOS:
    • "The Squire of Gothos" - Dueling pistols
    • "Mirror, Mirror" - Gestapo
    • "Elaan of Troyius" - Spanking Time
    • "The Way to Eden" - Typhoid Mary.
  • TAS:
    • "The Magicks of Megas-Tu": The Salem Witchtrials.
  • TNG:
  • DS9:
  • VOY:
    • "The Cloud" - Sutures
    • "Cathexis" - 19th Century England.
    • "The 37's" - Everythingnote 
    • "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" - The whoopie cushion
  • ENT:
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - The Pioneer 10 Probe

    Brahma of the Week 
Awarded to a creator of new life.
  • TOS:
  • TAS:
    • "The Infinite Vulcan" - Spock 2
    • "The Magicks of Megas-Tu" - Sulu, for creating a woman with magic.
  • TNG:
  • DS9:
    • "Whispers" - The Parada for the fake O'Brien
    • "Shadowplay" - Rurigan for creating an entire village of sentient holograms.
    • "A Man Alone" - Bashir for unwittingly creating a second clone of Ibudan
  • VOY:
    • "Basics" - Suder for creating a new plant
    • "Drone" - For the creation of One.
    • "Lifeline" - Doctor Zimmerman for creating photonic life
    • "Flesh and Blood" - The Hirogen for creating sentient holograms.
  • ENT:

    Burn, Baby, Burn 
Awarded whenever a shuttle or spaceship crashes, is destroyed or otherwise lost.
  • TOS:
  • TNG:
    • "Identity Crisis" - Crashed
    • "Power Play" - Crashed
    • "The Pegasus" - USS Pegasus, fused into an asteroid.
  • DS9:
    • "Little Green Men" - Quark's shuttle, which serves as the Roswell spaceship and sets a valuable precedent for UFO culture.
    • "The Ship" - The runabout, destroyed by the Jem'Hadar.
    • "Valiant" - The eponymous ship, blown up when its arrogant and inexperienced cadet captain thought that he could take on a Jem'Hadar battle cruiser.
    • "The Sound of Her Voice" - The Olympia, destroyed by a temporal anomaly.
    • "The Changing Face of Evil" - Awarded to the USS Ben Sisko's Motherfucking Pimp Hand.
  • VOY:
    • "Initiations" - Shot down by the Kazon
    • "Innocence" - Crashed, although it is repaired
    • "Parturition" - Crashed
    • "Future's End" - Crashed
    • "Rise" - Crashed
    • "Unity" - Stripped for parts
    • "The Gift" - Given to Kes, then vaporized during her evolution
    • "Nemesis" - Shot down by the Vori
    • "Drone" - Destroyed by the sorta proto-nebula
    • "Counterpoint" - Given honorarily for the two shuttles that Voyager gives away to the telepathic refugees with no indication of the refugees planning to return them.
    • "Dark Frontier" - Assimilated by the Borg
    • "Course Oblivion" - Voyager-duplicate is dissolved.
    • "Tsunkatse" - A shuttlepod blown up by a bomb.
    • "Good Shepherd" - Sort of awarded to The Delta Flyer for being damaged and left drifting in space
    • "Muse" - The Delta Flyer, for crash-landing on an alien planet.
    • "Homestead" - The Delta Flyer, for crashing into an asteroid.
    • "Someone to Watch Over Me" - A joke one, given for Harry Kim's disastrous attempt at flirting with Seven.
  • ENT:
    • "Terra Nova" - Crashed after landing
    • "Breaking the Ice" - Crashed after landing, again
    • "Shadows of P'Jem" - Shot down by terrorists.
    • "First Flight" - The NX-Alpha, which exploded during a test flight.
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Awarded to the Klingon Kia of Prey.
  • Star Trek: Generations - The Enterprise-D
  • Non-Star Trek

    Cosmic Faceplant 
Awarded to beings suffering from either Villain Decay or Informed Ability.
  • TOS:
    • "Where No Man Has Gone Before" - Gary Mitchell
    • "Who Mourns for Adonais?" - Apollo
  • TNG:
    • "Descent" - The Borg
  • DS9:
  • VOY:
    • "The Q And The Grey" - The Q Continuum
    • "Unimatrix Zero" - The Borg
    • "Endgame" - Borg again
  • ENT:
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - "God"

    Damn Dirty Mutant 
Awarded whenever someone undergoes a physical mutation.
  • TOS:
  • TAS:
    • "The Infinite Vulcan" - Spock 2 for being transformed/cloned into a giant
    • "The Ambergris Element" - Kirk and Spock, for evolving into fish people.
  • TNG:
    • "Identity Crisis" - Geordi and Suzanna, who are turned into aliens.
    • "Genesis" - The Enterprise-D Crew, turned into animals
  • DS9:
  • VOY:
    • "Faces" - Torres, split into fully Human and Klingon halves
    • "Threshold" - Paris and Janeway, turned into giant salamanders
  • ENT:
    • "Unexpected" - Tucker, growing nipples on his wrist

    Eggshell Cosmos 
Awarded for when the universe is so fragile that something is going to annihilate it. It was inspired by DIS's usage of spores threatening existence.
  • TOS:
    • "The Alternative Factor" - Awarded to antimatter, for apparently being able to blow up the universe.

    I Am Legion 
Awarded whenever someone is possessed by another lifeform.
  • TOS:
    • "Wolf In The Fold" - Prefect and Enterprise Computer
  • TNG:
    • "Lonely Among Us" - Worf, Crusher, and Picard
    • "Conspiracy" - Several Starfleet Officers
    • "Masks" - Data
  • DS9:
    • "The Passenger" - Bashir, awarded at the same time as "Lazarus of the Week"
  • VOY:
    • "Warlord" - Kes
    • "Infinite Regress" - Seven of Nine
  • ENT:
    • "Observer Effect" - The main cast

    Janeway Pie 
Awarded whenever the ship's self-destruct mechanism is engaged. Named for Janeway's authorization code of "Janeway Pi-1-1-0".

    Lazarus of the Week 
Awarded whenever a character returns from death to life.
  • TOS:
  • TNG:
    • "Tapestry" - Picard
    • "All Good Things" - The Enterprise-D crew, in all three timelines!
  • DS9:
    • "The Passenger" - Rao Vantika via possessing Julian Bashir, which makes this incident double as an "I Am Legion" moment.
  • VOY:
    • "Time and Again" - Janeway and Paris
    • "Emanations" - Harry
    • "Heroes and Demons" - Harry, Tuvok, and Chakotay.
    • "Initiations" - Chakotay wins an honorary Lazarus of the Week for suggesting a plan whereby he'd allow the Kazon to kill him, then get beamed aboard Voyager and be revived.
    • "Threshold" - Paris (awarded "Jesus of the Week", see "Other" for more details)
    • "Death Wish" - all the men of the Voyager crew
    • "Deadlock" - Harry and Naomi
    • "Tuvix" - Tuvok and Neelix
    • "Coda" - Janeway, although there's a flag on the field as to whether or not it actually happened. Chuck's words, not mine.
    • "Year of Hell" - Whoever died in this story
    • "Bride of Chaotica!" - Lonzak
    • "Relativity" - The Voyager Crew
    • "Barge of the Dead" - Torres
    • "Ashes to Ashes" - Lyndsay Ballard.
    • "Fury" - Kes and Torres
    • "Shattered" - Tuvok
  • ENT:
    • "Dead Stop" - Mayweather
    • "Observer Effect" - Trip and Hoshi
    • "Storm Front" - Daniels; possibly also Silik, but it's left vague whether or not the latter's death is undone
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - Spock
  • Star Trek: Generations - The crew of the Enterprise-D

    Like Unto An Amoeba 
Awarded for the appearance of Sufficiently Advanced Aliens.
  • TOS:
    • "Arena" - The Metrons
    • "Errand of Mercy" - The Organians, who in this episode gave the award its name (from a quote by Spock).
    • "Catspaw": Korob and Sylvia, whose technology appears to be magic.
  • TAS:
    • "One of Our Planets Is Missing" - The Cloud
    • "Bem" - The godlike being ruling over the primitives.
    • "Eye of the Beholder" - The elephant/slugs that stick humans in a zoo.
  • TNG:
    • "Encounter at Farpoint" - Q
    • "Where No One Has Gone Before" - The Traveller
    • "Where Silence Has Lease" - Nagilum
    • "The Royale" - The aliens who built the casino
    • "True Q" - Amanda Rogers
  • DS9:
  • VOY:
    • "Death Wish" - Quinn
  • ENT:
    • "Observer Effect" - The Organians (again)

    Red Ring of Death 
Awarded to holodeck malfunctions.

    Smack/Slap The Hell Up 
Awarded whenever an annoying character gets what's coming to them.
  • TOS:
  • TNG:
  • DS9:
  • VOY:
    • "Time And Again" - Janeway wins the "Slap The Hell Up" for telling Tom not to interfere, which would result in the death of everyone on the planets, and then gets hit in the face with a metal bat.
    • "Meld" - Neelix wins the "Smack the Hell Up" award for being the annoying character by bothering Tuvok and then gets strangled to death.note 
  • ENT:

    Springtime for Hitler 
Awarded to episodes featuring Nazis.
  • TOS:
    • "Patterns of Force" - Awarded to the planet of Nazis.

    Twenty Dollar Bill 
Awarded whenever a character attempts to, successfully commits or condones genocide.note 
  • TOS:
  • TNG:
  • DS9:
    • "Duet" - Gul Darhe'el, an unseen character being impersonated by someone else, wins an honorary "Twenty Dollar Bill" award for his attempt at Bajoran genocide.
  • VOY:
    • "Living Witness" - Holo-Janeway for attempted genocide with biogenic weapons.
  • ENT:
    • "Dear Doctor" - Archer and Phlox win the "Twenty Dollar Bill" award for condoning genocide

    Unsafe at Any Speed 
Awarded to any ship that is a danger to its crew.
  • TOS:
  • TNG:
    • "Ethics" - The Enterprise's cargo bay has no means to hold large, dangerously heavy objects from falling out of place and severely injuring people.
  • DS9:
  • VOY:
  • ENT:
    • "Acquisition" - The Enterprise, for its inability to contain spreading knockout gas, and for having a Decontamination Room that a potentially infectious occupant can open from the inside, and a sliding metal door with no gasket to make it airtight.
  • Star Trek (2009): The Narada, which has no rails or electrical safety.

    Unsafety First 
Awarded for notably dangerous handling of firearms.
  • TOS:
  • TNG:
  • DS9:
    • "Past Tense" - Vin for using the barrel of his gun to wake a sleeping homeless man.
    • Presumably "Empok Nor" would've received this award had it been introduced when the episode was reviewed, as its handling of firearms (a Red Shirt security officer was pointing her phaser at another crewmember and brushing it off with "Don't worry, the safety's on.") drove Chuck off on the tangent that inspired the category in the first place.
  • VOY:
  • ENT:
    • Presumably "Sleeping Dogs," which was reviewed shortly before the other two episodes listed here. At one point, Hoshi hands a phase pistol to Malcolm by pointing it directly at his chest, and Chuck sarcastically remarked that "gun safety will be taught next week!"

    You Can Go Home Again 
Awarded whenever we encounter a place that looks like Earth, either by deliberate design or coincidence.
  • TOS:
    • "Miri" - The planet that is inexplicably identical to Earth.
    • "The Menagerie" - The illusionary Earth created by the Talosians.
    • "Shore Leave" - The relaxation planet which recreates anything its visitors can think of.
    • "Errand of Mercy" - Organia is made to look familiar for the sake of visitors by the Organians.
    • "Catspaw" - A gothic castle on an otherwise barren alien world.
    • "The Omega Glory" - Presence of the American Flag and US Constitution
    • "All Our Yesterdays" - Sarpeidon's past is close enough to Earth history that it counts.
  • TAS:
    • "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth" - For the recreation of various Earth cities.
  • TNG:
  • DS9:
  • VOY:
    • "In The Flesh" - Species 8472's recreation of Starfleet Headquarters
  • ENT:

Miscellaneous Awards and bonus points given out once so far.
  • TOS:
    • "The Alternative Factor" - In conjunction with Lazarus of the Week, was also awarded with a new addition, Cosmic Eggshell, where the fabric of reality is threatened for incredibly dumb reasons.
  • TNG:
    • "Yesterday's Enterprise" - No awards aside from Annoying Character given.
    • "Family" - Not given a post episode followup, so given no awards at all.
    • "Genesis" - Given a +0.5 bonus to its score because of the good performances by the cast.
  • DS9:
    • "Children of Time" - All eligible awards besides the Annoying Character are not awarded due to the Timey Wimey Reset Button.
    • "Once More Unto The Breach" - Given a +1 bonus for its portrayal of the action segment, and for how it handled Kor's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • VOY:
    • "Faces" - Given a +1 bonus to its score because the characters were written intelligently.
    • "Non Sequitur" - Had a visual rather than an auditory Post Episode Follow-Up. Instead of dialogue, there was a montage of Tom Paris and Harry Kim with (I've Had) The Time of My Life playing over it.
    • "Threshold" - Paris wins "Jesus of the Week" for raising himself from the dead.
    • "Rise" - Given a +1 bonus for the presence of a Space Elevator, something Chuck is a fan of.
    • "Timeless" - Chuck gave up trying to figure out the awards aside from the Stupid Neelix Moment.
    • "11:59" - Not given a post episode followup, so given no awards at all.
    • "Flesh and Blood" - Given a +1 bonus for the unintentional hilarity of crew's failure to consider that the crisis of the week was their fault and that their involvement only made things even worse.
  • ENT:
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Ilia wins "Damn Dirty Lazarus Mutant of the Week" because she Came Back Wrong.

SF Debris Non-Trek Reviews:

Non-Trek movies and episodes of other series get verbal ratings, as opposed to bell-curve numerical ones, and so far these include (from best to worst) "Must See"note , "Strongly Recommended", "Recommended", "Fine", "Watchable"note , "Skip"note , "Avoid", and "THE WORST"note . As of 2019, he decided that this combines two different metrics, one of quality and one of importance to the story, thus this would be separated into two categories, one for story importance, ranging from "Essential", "Important", "Somewhat/Slightly Important" and "Unimportant"; and the for quality of the story.

     Babylon 5 
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     Battlestar Galactica 
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     Blake's Seven 
Season 1

     Doctor Who 

Season One

Season Two

Season Three


Season 1

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    Stargate Atlantis 
Season 1

Season 2

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Season 5

  • "Ghost In The Machine": Death Star Reactor Port note 
  • "The Shrine": Recommended (but only once you've been invested with the characters)

     Stargate SG- 1 
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Season 4

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     The Twilight Zone 
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  • "Drive": Strongly Recommended

Season 7