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Recap / Roseanne S 5 E 8 Ladies Choice

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Ladies Choice
Roseanne feels her age when her mother enters a retirement home; Nancy's relationship with Marla surprises everyone.


  • Butch Lesbian: Nancy who has a more boyish appearance in comparison to her more feminine girlfriend Marla.
  • Coming-Out Story: Marla comes out as a lesbian, shocking both Roseanne and Jackie.
  • Dead Pan Snarker: Roseanne and Jackie while discussing the topic of stereotypical lesbianism and Nancy's coming out.
    Darlene: [Roseanne tells Darlene that Nancy is gay] Whoa! How did you find out? Did she tell you?
    Roseanne: No. We saw the, "I'm a Big Ol' Dyke" bumbersticker on her car.
    • Also Nancy, coming out to Jackie while discussing the guys she dated in high school.
    Jackie: Singles dance's? I thought we were dating!
  • Foreshadowing: Roseanne discussing how a lesbian dresses in flannel shirts and faded jeans leads Jackie to laugh and then suddenly realize she's wearing the same outfit, foreshadowing her eventual coming out as a lesbian and Suddenly Sexuality.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Nancy. Also, Marla who has a more feminine appearance than her girlfriend Nancy.
  • No Bisexuals: Nancy, previously married to a man, comes out as a lesbian and begins dating a woman. Nobody discusses the possibly of her being a bisexual nor consider it or even speak of it.
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  • Oh, Crap!: The look on Jackie's face when she realizes she's wearing what Roseanne describes as "lesbian attire" (flannel shirts and faded jeans).
  • Suddenly Sexuality: Previously married to a man Arnie, Nancy comes out as a lesbian (and eventually a bisexual).
  • Wham Line: "Alright. Her name is Marla. I'm seeing a woman."

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