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Recap / Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

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The rather large number of episodes of the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, all in one place.

Season #1

  1. "San Diego": Geoff and Gus talk about rude plane ride passengers.
  2. "Statue": Burnie talks about how a town in Tasmania (a state in Australia) wants his website, until Gus messes with it.
  3. "Lightning": Geoff recalls an embarrassing trucker encounter in a storm.
  4. "Headlight Fluid": Gavin talks about a stunt driver he knew, and hilarity ensues with "Headlight Fluid"
  5. "Expert Parent": This episode shows you what happens when you have a father that loves tricking people, his daughter, a bear, and a toilet.
  6. "Omnibus #1": Geoff and Gus recount airplane tales. Then, Geoff explains a hilarious situation involving stereotypes, not long before a phone interrupts the podcast, among other tales.
  7. "Omnibus #2": Geoff, Gus, and Burnie tell stories about "stranger" danger, hot sauce, and sibling shenanigans.
  8. "New Orleans Part 1": Geoff recalls a time where he and a drunk Griffon Ramsey were in New Orleans.
  9. "New Orleans Part 2": The conclusion to Geoff's and Griffon's shenanigans in New Orleans.
  10. "Omnibus #3": Burnie, Gus, and Geoff recount tales of the video game convention and horse farm.
  11. "Double Derps": Geoff recalls a situation where they encountered two technologically challenged people at a restaurant.
  12. "Shakedowns & Breakdowns": After recalling a story where Millie Ramsey threatened her mother, Geoff and Gus recall a story of two rule-shirking girls on a plane. Then Joel gets all economic in the podcast.
  13. "Party Of The Dead": The RT staff take you to an industry party, before summoning the dead.
  14. "Joel Hates Snakes": Joel and his brother terrorize their local pool with a snake.
  15. "Gus Anesthesia": Gus explains what happens when you mix him with anesthesia from surgery.
  16. "Kara's Exciting Day": As Kara takes time deciding on her favorite part of her job, the rest of the crew retell tales involving her.
  17. "Fun with Earthquakes": The crew shares their thoughts on earthquakes, including Matt's first earthquake and Gus' earthquake fetish.
  18. "Gus vs Machete Man": Gus recalls an encounter with a murderous, machete wielding madman after throwing rocks onto a field.
  19. "Burnie Fights Animals": Burnie boasts about his confidence in fighting deadly animals.
  20. "Shamu Plane and Naked Joel": Joel tells more stories about killer whaleplanes and an awkward hospital incident.
  21. "Burnie and Joel's Bathroom Encounter": Burnie makes Joel's showering experience much more uncomfortable.
  22. "Burnie Burns Horse Puncher": Burnie saves his wife from a horse by becoming the mighty superhero, The Horse Puncher!
  23. "Brandon and the Electric Fence": Burnie tries to trick Brandon into touching an electrically charged wire.
  24. "Cookies and Hobos": Gus and Geoff explain how Girl Scouts and puppies can guilt people into buying their stuff, but not hobos.
  25. "Michael Meets a Drug Dealer": Michael tells of his time running into a drug dealer/pimp named Kevin.

Season #2

  1. "Award for Drink Ordering": The crew thinks of ways they can mess with an awards ceremony, then Gus mocks the way Chris orders drinks.
  2. "Robot Future Toys": Joel, Burnie, Geoff, and Jack argue over names, then Burnie makes fun of his wife.
  3. "Dishwashers and Bad Fliers": Burnie recounts bad appliance salesman and nervous fliers.
  4. "Joel Meets a Panther": Joel flashbacks to his experience meeting a Panther face to face.
  5. "Left 4 Trek": The crew explain how they could make a movie, then come up with apocalypse plans.
  6. "Disease Movie Theatre": Disease movies and failing theaters are discussed by the crew.

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