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Recap / Rizzoli And Isles S 3 E 1 What Doesnt Kill You

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Directed by Michael Katleman

Written by Janet Tamaro & Ted Sullivan

Maura's father is in critical condition, and Maura and Jane's relationship is in trouble. IAB is also starting an investigation about what happened. They investigate Jane until a cop is murdered and they have a new case. Maura is forced with the decision of signing a DNR for her father. While all this is happening to her biological father, her adoptive mother is still in the hospital from being hit by the car. In the end, it turns out that the dirty cop was an IAB agent. Jane finds out that a drawing that a 'student' of Constance's was actually a drawing of Maura's biological mother, and that she is supposedly dead. Maura also finds out that her father said she died on the day she was born, August 7, 1976, and has a gravesite and marker with the name of Baby Maura Doyle on it.



  • Dirty Cop: The episode revolves around the hunt for dirty cops in the BPD.
  • Internal Affairs: Internal Affairs investigates Jane in the aftermath of her shooting of Paddy Doyle. Her bending of the rules to protect Maura makes it look like she might have been in Doyle's pocket. Ultimately, Doyle's chief mole inside the police is revealed to be the head of Internal Affairs.
  • It Works Better with Bullets: A Dirty Cop attempts to shoot Jane with a pistol that had been taken from evidence storage. It doesn't work because, knowing that someone was taking guns from the evidence, Jane had removed the firing pins from all the guns.

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