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Recap / Rizzoli And Isles S 2 E 14 Dont Stop Dancing Girl

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Directed by Mark Haber

Written by Janet Tamaro & David Gould

Jane and Maura are on the case, when a Dance Mom, Denise Ryan, is killed when she is stabbed in the chest with scissors. Korsak's ex-wife calls and tells him that his step-son has been arrested for the shooting of a cop. Korsak is distraught when he can't see Josh because he isn't legally his father anymore. Maura finds that their victim has had extensive surgery on her face. Jane revealed that she used to take dance classes as a child. Josh is angry at Korsak for not being there for 5 years. He tries to convince Korsak that he is fine and doesn't need him, but Vince doesn't believe him. Maura finds that Denise has fractures in both of her wrist, most likely from being a battered wife. Jane and Frost are confused when there is no record of her, her daughter, or her daughters biological father existing up to ten years ago. It seems that they are in the Witness Protection Program. Josh's friend, Gavina tells a story about how Josh shoots the cop, and how he hates cops because Korsak's a cop. Korsak explains to Josh that he will go to prison for the rest of his life if he doesn't say anything. It turns out that Denise used to be a wife of a druglord and was running from him ever since she testified against him. When Korsak and Maura investigate it turns out Josh told the truth when he said he tried to perform CPR on the officer when he was shot. It turns out that Dakota's biological father killed Denise and tried to kidnap Dakota to take her back to Mexico.



  • It's All About Me: Korsak’s ex-wife Melanie. Korsak raised her son as his own for ten years only for her to leave him and tell her son that Korsak abandoned them, while never letting Korsak speak to him. 5 years later she shows up out of nowhere and tries to manipulate Korsak into financing her yoga studio.
    • Later she calls him out on not accepting her calls when she needed him when her son got in trouble, despite the before mentioned abandonment.
  • Stage Mom: Two spectacular examples appear where they become the prime suspects after the mother of rival dancer is murdered.

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