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Recap / Rizzoli And Isles S 2 E 11 Can I Get A Witness

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Directed by Andy Wolk

Written by Elizabeth Benjamin, Janet Tamaro, & David Gould

Jane and Korsak are preparing a witness, who witness the murder of a community activist, when he is murdered the night before his trial. Bill O'Reilly (as himself) starts covering Jane's case, and Angela is overtaken with joy because she enjoys watching him. When Jane and Valerie Delgado (Roselyn Sánchez) find out that their C.I. has been murdered, Valerie tells Jane that she needs to get a I.A.B report on the officer who was in charge of guarding him, Jane disagrees with her and refuses to file one. O'Reilly comes to town for a book signing, and Angela is excited when Maura agrees to take her and badge her to the front. When Little T, who was convicted of killing nearly 15 people, is trying to get the charges dropped, the only way to not drop them is for Korsak to present his C.I., but he disagrees and doesn't want to show his witness. Jane and Frost find out that Dante had a girlfriend, Relita, and a daughter named Destiny, which is also the name of the tattoo that he has on his shoulder. When Maura and Angela meet O'Reilly, Angela gives him Jane's number to get her on The O'Reilly Factor. Korsak gives up his badge when the lieutenant gives him an ultimatum, his informant or badge. Relita turns out to be Korsak's C.I, and she agrees to show up to court to save the case. When they find out where Dante is murdered and find tire tracks, it turns out that Valerie murdered Dante so that she wouldn't lose her case and her perfect reputation as an ADA.




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