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Recap / Rizzoli And Isles S 1 E 8 Im Your Boogie Man

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Directed by Mark Haber

Written by Janet Tamaro

Jane's life is in danger again by Charles Hoyt and this time he has a different apprentice in the face of a victim of Hoyt.


  • Call-Back: Oh man, the episode is made of this trope. Somebody puts a road flare in front of Jane's apartment building, indicative of how she scarred Hoyt in "See One, Do One, Teach One." Later, we find that that somebody is a kidnap victim who Hoyt tortures to the point of suffering Stockholm Syndrome (not to mention he killed her abusive husband). Having gotten Frankie, Jr., to fall in love with her, she captures both Rizzoli siblings. While Jane tries to explain to the victim that Hoyt doesn't love her and is just using her to get Jane, she lets her guard down long enough for a struggle to ensue between herself and Frankie, Jr., for the gun. While they are both down on the ground, Frankie, Jr., gets the gun and kills her with two shots to the chest, even though his wrists were duct taped. In "See One, Do One, Teach One," Jane and Hoyt's apprentice were on the ground going for a gun. Jane got to it first and, with her wrists duct taped, she killed the apprentice with two shots to the chest.
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  • Fanservice: Jane is awakened by a noise and runs outside in her sleepwear, brandishing a gun. She's barefoot and wearing a very tight tank top without a bra.
  • Intelligence Equals Isolation: Maura reveals that her childhood wasn't exactly parties and ponies. In her own words, "there was a lot of benign neglect" - her parents had their own lives to lead that frequently didn't involve the mundane details of parenthood, and they didn't much care what Maura did as long as she kept good grades. As a result, Maura buried herself in schoolwork, to the point that she gave them the brochures to send her away to boarding school. At ten years old.

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