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Recap / Rizzoli And Isles S 1 E 6 I Kissed A Girl

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Directed by Michael Zinberg

Written Alison Cross

When Jane and Maura are called in on the case of a dead woman in an alley, Jane and Frost talk about investigating the husband, but Maura finds that she was married to a woman. Jane finds it suspicious that she was raped and murdered after she was already dead. Jane and Frost go to talk to the owner of Merch, the stamp that they find on the victims hand. The owner of the club insist that it was most likely someone who was organizing a hate crime against gays, even though Massachusetts recognizes gay marriage.



  • Even the Girls Want Her: Jane goes undercover at a lesbian bar to snuff out a killer. She gets hit on by no less than three women.
  • Fanservice: Naturally, the episode oozes of this trope. You have Jane flirting with numerous suspects and being kissed on the neck by a murderer, Maura wearing a tight waitress dress that allows her to show off maximum cleavage and a baby bump, and Jane and Maura discussing lesbianism.
  • Patrick Stewart Speech: An odd one: Maura explains her love of luxury items by saying that she buys the finer things in life as a tribute to human ingenuity and artistry that goes into making things like her finely knit cable sweater and her couture high heels. Truth in Television, many high-end and bespoke items are made with great care and hours upon hours of effort poured into them.

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