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Recap / Rizzoli And Isles 4 E 16 Youre Gonna Miss Me When Im Gone

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Directed by Norman Buckley

Written by Janet Tamaro

A senator's daughter, who works for the government, is murdered. She is thought to have been fleeing the country with government secrets, putting the BPD at odds with Homeland Security. The woman, however, leaves digital clues that her boss had raped her and will kill her to keep her quiet. Meanwhile, Jane accepts Casey's proposal, since he agrees to retire from the military. Later, though, Jane changes her mind when he takes a job in the Balkans. Maura senses something more, and Jane reveals that she may be pregnant.



  • Jurisdiction Friction: Some serious friction crops up when the NSA decides a homicide has national security implications and tries to stymie the team's investigation.
  • Not My Driver: The Victim of the Week is murdered by a someone posing as their driver who stops the car on a deserted access road.

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