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Recap / Rizzoli And Isles 4 E 09 No One Mourns The Wicked

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Directed by Steve Robin

Written by Janet Tamaro, Ken Hanes, & Lisa Marie Petersen

Jane and Maura are asked by forensic psychiatrist Dr. Victoria Nolan (Jessica Tuck) to speak at a law enforcement symposium. Nolan is on a book tour for her Three Faces of Evil, which is about serial killers, one of which is Charles Hoyt (Michael Massee). A crime scene depicting Hoyt's murders is staged. As Jane and Maura move to describe the "victims", they see that two people have actually been killed. The victims, past and present, have been branded with the Rod of Asclepius symbol. The first victims linked to the brand were the parents of a girl named Tori, whose deaths left her orphaned. The team learns Tori had been raped and given birth before her parents' death. Dr. Nolan goes home with Korzak so he can tend to his pregnant dog. There, he becomes her next intended victim, while she guides her "research assistant" and son Jack (Nick Gehlfuss) in the process. Korzak is able to get Nolan and her son to argue long enough for his team to save him.



  • Jack the Ripoff: The killer recreates the M.O.s of previous serial killers.
  • Never My Fault: Doctor Victoria Nolan blames Korsak for 'making' her shoot her son when they were both trying to kill Korsak.
  • Rape Leads to Insanity: Dr. Victoria Nolan became a serial killer after being raped and getting pregnant by her own father. Mom and Dad were her first victims, and might have been excusable, given the situation. However, her body count rose, especially after [[spoiler: she found her son, and started teaching him to become a serial killer as well.]
  • Revenge by Proxy: Essentially the reason for the killings; Doctor Victoria Nolan is killing cops because she blames the system for never arresting her father for repeatedly raping and abusing her before she was fourteen, acting as though every cop would repeat that pattern and let her father's reputation define the investigation.

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