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Recap / Rizzoli And Isles 3 E 15 No More Drama In My Life

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Directed by Michael Katleman

Written by Janet Tamaro & Sal Calleros

Jane and Maura are on the case of an actor who was shot and killed from a prop gun and work to find out who would load the gun with real bullets. Hope returns and tries to salvage her relationship with Maura after finding out she was her daughter, and to see if she's still willing to donate her kidney to Cailin, only to find out that Maura doesn't want anything to do with her. The case leads to a building that the actor had been researching; Frost, Tommy, and T.J. head over to the building but when Frost starts taking pictures the building collapses on top of everyone. Jane goes to Casey to try to talk him out of the surgery, only to get a call from Frankie about the building collapse; When Jane arrives she finds that no one will go in as they are preparing for it to collapse more. After Korsak finds that the reason behind the building collapse is a combination of recycled cement and a tunnel under the building that was never filled, in an effort for the builders to save money, in Maura and Jane head in the tunnel in an effort to find Frost, Tommy, and T.J. After getting T.J., Jane and Maura are forced to leave when it starts crumbling; Frost makes his way out the building, and soon so does Tommy complaining of head pain and is rushed to the hospital. Maura agrees to give her kidney to Cailin but only if she doesn't know, and makes up with Hope.




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