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Recap / Riverdale - Chapter 19: Death Proof

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Title From: Death Proof (2007)

Mayor McCoy, enraged by Josie's drug use during the party hosted by Nick St. Clair, orders a police crackdown on Southside High, arresting Serpents indiscriminately. This pushes the Serpents into a corner, spurring Tall Boy to consider an alliance with Southside's rival gang, the Ghoulies. Seeking to prevent this, Jughead and Archie take FP's advice and challenge the Ghoulies to a drag race, with the winner getting the Whyte Wyrm and Sunnyside trailer park. Archie secretly has a plan of his own — he contacts the police in advance to ambush and arrest the Ghoulies during the race.

Meanwhile, Betty enlists Veronica's help in uncovering the identity of the local drug dealer — known only as "Sugarman" — in an effort to get one step ahead of Black Hood and turn the tables on him. To Cheryl's disappointment, Penelope decides against pressing charges against Nick St. Clair for his near assault of Cheryl, preferring to settle matters quietly. Veronica's frustration leads her to reveal Nick's assault attempt on her, enraging Hiram and Hermione, who arrange for Nick to get into a serious car accident in retaliation.


Cheryl manages to get the Sugarman's identity from Penelope and discloses it to Betty, who turns him to the authorities instead of the Black Hood. The Sugarman turns out to be no other than Southside High's English teacher, Robert Phillips, who Jughead looked up to. However, Phillips is shot by the Black Hood while in a holding cell at the police station.


  • Berserk Button: As it turns out, Mayor McCoy's is the possibility that Josie could become a drug addict like her father. The fact that Josie took some jingle jangle that may have came from the South Side is reason enough to raid South Side High.
  • Bi the Way: Toni casually mentions she's more attracted to girls to Jughead while they're at Pop's.
    Toni: Besides, I'm more into girls anyways.
    Jughead: Roger that.
  • Dragon Ascendant:
    • Phillips, like all the Sugarmen before him, worked for Clifford Blossom, but after Clifford's death he continued doing business on his own, becoming the main drug supplier in town.
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    • Tall Boy in stepping up, after FP's incarceration.
  • Fanservice: Cheryl appears in some very revealing outfits, first in a bikini and later in very short shorts at the race.
  • Internal Reveal: Veronica and Jughead find out about Betty's dealings with the Black Hood.
  • Legacy Character: The Sugarman, Riverdale's main manufacturer of Jingle Jangle. According to Penelope there have been many over the years and they all worked for Cliff. The current bearer of the mantle is Southside High's English teacher, Robert Phillips.
  • Lineage Comes from the Father: Jughead is being treated like something of a street gang prince. His father was the Southside Serpants' leader, and now that he's out of the picture, there's some sense that he should take on the role, at least a little.
  • Noodle Incident: Hiram alludes to the incident that landed Alice in jail and resulted in her mugshot, but does not elaborate on the specifics.
  • Romantic False Lead: Toni's role as one to Jughead is cut short. She knows perfectly well he's in love with Betty, and she makes it clear that she has no interest in being a rebound.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Veronica compares her father to The Godfather and tells Kevin that if her father found out Nick tried to rape her, Nick would suffer the consequences much worse than putting a decapitated horse head in his bed.
    • Reggie calling out on Josie preoccupied on her phone instead of picking up the trash for community service.
      Reggie: I get that you're pretty much Beyoncé, but today, you're just like us commoners.
  • Swiss Cheese Security: The Black Hood is able to just waltz in to the Riverdale jail and execute Phillips in his cell.
  • Taking A Third Option: The Black Hood forced Betty to either give him the name of the Sugarman to him, or he'll go after Betty's family and friends. Betty chose to reveal the identity of the Sugarman to the police and declares she'll eventually expose the Black Hood.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Jughead is significantly pissed that Archie called the cops to interrupt the street race between the Ghoulies and Serpents.
    • A more subdued example when Betty tries to explain to Jughead why she broke up with him.
      Jughead: Betty, you did the one thing that could actually hurt me.

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