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Recap / Riverdale S 2 E 15 Chapter 28 There Will Be Blood

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Title From: There Will Be Blood (2007)


  • Blood Oath: Hiram swears Archie to one.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: Archie and Veronica struggle with this throughout the episode, especially Archie who just wants to protect his dad.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Archie burns the only evidence he had of Hiram's shadiness and officially binds himself to his cause.
  • Heel Realization: Archie seems to be having this after learning that the Lodges want to use Fred to become mayor for their purposes. However, this is later subverted after he learns of their plans.
  • Internal Homage: At the will reading, when Alice and Penelope start arguing, Toni says, "This is riveting. I can't breathe." The same thing Kevin said during the Secrets and Sins game in "The Lost Weekend".
  • The Reveal:
    • Chic is not a Blossom. However, he could still be Alice's son, just not Hal's.
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    • Clifford Blossom has a twin brother, who wants revenge on the Lodges. Also, he and Penelope want to kill both his mother and Cheryl.
    • Finally, Hiram's big plan is to build a prison in Riverdale.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Fred ditches his plans to run for mayor once he learns of Hiram's true plans. However, Archie stays behind and reaffirms his loyalty.
  • Shout-Out: Smithers' alias is Deep Throat, the cover identity of Special Agent Fox Mulder's first Mysterious Informant, which was itself a reference to Mark Felt, the famous Watergate informant.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Lampshaded by Jughead in his narration; the Lodges have launched a popular campaign to seat Hermione as mayor, and even managed to convert The Hero the their side. However, the ending suggests that Hiram won't get what he wants without first dealing with a Spanner in the Works in the form of Fred Andrews.

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