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Recap / Revolution Z Season 1 Episode 4

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Mr. Tsekov is working out in his office and awkwardly receives a teacher, after which he passes a decree that the next day a mandatory cleaing will take place, but also that local celebrities Ogi*23 are about to have a gig at the school and students can perform on stage. Bobby and Tino are thrilled. The two later discuss it with Filip and Ani, but it goes sour when Tino acts rude to Ani to hide his feelings. Distraught, she allows Bobby to kiss her and starts a relationship with him.


The four continue discussing preparations later and steal a microphone. Meanwhile, Savov visits Ani's home and discovers that her father is an alcoholic. Back at the school, Tsekov declares that a new exchange student will be enrolled to the school - Mira Kadieff, the daughter of a wealthy music producer, who's put into Savov's class. Savov later introduces her to the class and notes Ani's absence. The girl has hurried home to her father who is angry about Savov's visit and beats her for it.

The following morning, Ani's father tries to pull up an excuse. At PE, Mira is bragging to Krissy about how she'll seduce Savov, who meanwhile is trying to patch things up with Marinova. Mira does hit on him, then recruits the rappers for Ogi*23's concert, while Tino and Bobby snub her for her diva ways. The boys go to the garage for a photoshoot, but as the cameraman has been following Mira around, the job falls to Ani despite Tino trying to keep her out. Each of the four is dressed uniquely and thus the band gets its quirky aesthetic. Savov arrives to talk to Ani who shares her bully problem with him. He takes care of it and returns her pendant.


The day before the concert, Mira catches Rosen filming her and the rappers rehearsing her "unique" choreography and steals his camera, finding some clips of Bobby and Ani making fun of Tino, which she uploads on social media. This causes a fight right before the four are called to play at Ogi*23's concert and Tino breaks off, leaving the band he started.

Tropes featured in this episode:

  • Alpha Bitch: Mira is introduced this way right off the bat.
    Ani: (when Mira sits down at her desk) I was bored to death by myself. And you can use anything of mine.
    Mira: Don't pander, dearie. Looking at you, we won't be friends.
  • The Casanova: Exaggerated. Bobby picks up another girl on the same day he got together with Ani, using the same pick-up line, while A Ni is just outside the room.
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  • Instant Seduction: Bobby's pick-up line works like this, even if girls are aware he's just hitting on Anything That Moves:
    Bobby: How about you give me your number?
    Random girl: Yeah, nice try.
    Bobby: OK, why are you like that? Can't you see I wanna get to know you?
    Girl: Me?
    Bobby: Yep, you. You're not like the other bimbos in that lame school.
    Girl: 0887...
  • Jerkass Façade: Tino acts mean to Ani because Bobby called dibs on her and he can't hit on her himself. This backfires when she has enough of it and allows Bobby to kiss her.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Tino may be a jerk for being too authoritarian as a frontman, but everyone else neglected how his best friend made fun of him in a very mean-spirited way.
    Bobby: (does an impression of Tino) "I am Tino and I'm the greatest guitarist in the world. I talk to Jimmy Hendrix each night and teach him the guitar. And during the day I play with a bunch of fucking losers."
  • Not Like Other Girls: Bobby uses that as a seducing tactic.
    Bobby: You're not like the other... bimbos in that lame school.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Filip, of all people, gives one to Tino when he breaks up the band over Bobby and Ani making fun of him.
    Filip: I'd otherwise not tell you that, but you're a stupid, selfish jerk. And at the last rehearsal it was you who went ahead of rhythm, not me.
    • Savov then gives Tino a milder, more constructive one.
    Tino: That band won't work.
    Savov: Why? Cause they won't let you order them around?
    Tino: Who told you that?
    Savov: No one needed to, you can just see it. The moment things don't go your way, you get all fired up.
    Tino: Cause I'm the only one who cares music, that's why.
    Savov: "You can't always get what you want." Know where that's from?
    Tino: Sure I do. Rolling Stones.
    Savov: That's right, and you know what I know? If you go on like this, you'll lose the band, and your best friend, and the girl, too.

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