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Recap / Revolution S 1 E 12 Ghosts

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Directed by Miguel Sapochnik
Written by David Rambo and Melissa Glenn

After Danny's sacrifice, Miles and Nora decide to go in search of his old top officers, the ones who supported his assassination attempt on Monroe, starting by Jim Hudson. He tells the rebels that Jim could help train them into real soldiers. Meanwhile, Rachel, Charlie and Aaron go to the rebels' Eco base, an old hospital. Things between Rachel and Charlie are strained, since Charlie is cold to her mother. Randall reveals that he can activate the pendants remotely to track them, and he and Monroe seal an uneasy alliance. After Rachel sees the pendants activate on their own, she realizes that Randall is tracking them, and she destroys the pendants so they cannot be tracked or used. Someone sees Miles and Nora and sells the information to a militia kill squad. Miles and Nora find Jim living under an assumed name as a happily-married town librarian. He's not happy to see Miles again and he refuses to go back. With Eco base under attack by Randall and militia troops, Rachel reveals that Randall was her boss at the United States Department of Defense (DOD), while Randall tells her through a megaphone that he needs her for her scientific knowledge. The militia kill squad arrives in Jim's town, but Miles, Jim and Nora manage to kill them. Randall captures Rachel and reveals to her that his intention is to restore power, but only in the hands of a chosen few, to prevent a return to the wars of the past. Charlie rescues Rachel. The militia's captain tries to kill Jim's wife. He saves her, but she's shocked by his background and repudiates him. Jim tells Miles he has destroyed his life again, but agrees to go with him. They arrive at the rebel camp in time to see Charlie apologize to her mother, and the two hug. Aaron asks Rachel for the truth and she agrees to tell him everything, starting with a place called "The Tower".

Flashbacks: One year before the Blackout, an Army officer comes to tell Randall and his wife that their son has been killed in Afghanistan. One month before the Blackout, at the DOD, Randall pushes to activate the program to fight the Taliban, despite Rachel and Ben's concerns. The night of the blackout, Randall orders the activation of the Tower.

Should not be confused with the play Ghosts. Should not be confused with The Protector 2011 episode "Ghosts", the Psych episode "Ghosts", and the Hidden Palms episode "Ghosts". Should not be confused with the DC Comics series Ghosts. Should not be confused with the board game Ghosts. Should not be confused with the books Ghosts (1990) and Ghosts (1993). Should not be confused with the films Ghosts (2005) and Ghosts (2006).

Tropes (See Your Mileage May Vary items here):

  • Artistic License – Chemistry: Sulfuric acid is shown being dispensed from a plastic bottle. Sulfuric acid at a concentration high enough to accomplish what Rachel is attempting would oxidize the carbon in the plastic and should only be stored in glass or ceramic containers.
  • Celebrity Survivor: It's implied that one of the Affleck brothers is governor of what once was California.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Rachel Matheson slapped Charlie when her daughter tried to call her out on abandoning her and her family all those years ago. Rachel only becomes more of a Jerkass in later episodes.