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Recap / Regular Show S 05 E 32 Take The Cake

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Benson sends Mordecai and Rigby to a cake shop to get Mr. Maellard's cake for his birthday.

  • Bowdlerization: In the Cartoon Network UK version of this episode, the crazy cake shop woman's line, "Line cutters! Line cutters gonna get cut!" was shortened to "Line cutters! LINE CUTTERS!", though her brandishing a knife at Mordecai and Rigby wasn't edited, making the scene more threatening as it now implies that the cake shop woman has been psychologically triggered into murder rather than just be angry and take it out on a pair of innocents.
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  • Death from Above: A near one when the cake is accidentally transported right above Mr Maellard and almost falls on him. It gives him such a shock that he falls into a coma for three weeks.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: The female customer from the cake shop chases down Mordecai and Rigby because they supposedly cut in line to get their cake... when it's clear there were two lines and the one they got in was the prepaid one. Turns out she can't read, so along with being a jerk, she's an idiot as well.
  • Forgotten Birthday: Benson tries to subvert it but due to delays, Mr. Maellard thanks it may be this.
  • It's All About Me: Benson is more concerned with getting praise from Maellard than about his actual birthday.
  • Jerkass: Again, the female customer from the cake shop.
    • Goes right into Nightmare Fuel with her road rage rampage.
    • Benson is also a jerkass when he doesn't care that Rigby and Mordecai were in the process of getting the larger, more fancy cake out that CJ and Eileen made with the teleporter and deliberately screws them up.
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  • Lonely at the Top: Mr. Maellard figures this when it seems no one's come to his birthday party.
  • Not Hyperbole: When the cake shop worker said the jerkass customer should learn to read she meant it as hyperbole, but it turns out she literally can't read.
  • Not Me This Time: Even though Benson gets mad at Mordecai and Rigby, it really wasn't their fault the old cake got ruined; the female customer nearly ran them off the road and as a result, they hit a bump which made the cake fall out of the cart, where it got eaten by a bunch of homeless people who just randomly showed up.

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