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Recap / Record of Ragnarok
aka: Shuumatsu No Walkure Record Of Ragnarok

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Current Score: Gods: 3 - Mortals: 4

The contestants:

  • Thor - Alive
  • Zeus - Alive
  • Poseidon - Dead
  • Heracles - Dead
  • Shiva - Alive
  • Buddha (Defected) - Alive
  • Bishamonten, Zerofuku, Hajun - Dead
  • Hades - Dead
  • Beelzebub - Alive
  • Loki
  • Apollo
  • Susano'o no Mikoto
  • Anubis
  • Odin

  • Lü Bu - Dead
  • Adam - Dead
  • Sasaki Kojiro - Alive
  • Jack The Ripper - Alive
  • Raiden Tameemon - Dead
  • Buddha - Alive
  • Qin Shi Huang - Alive
  • Nikola Tesla - Alive
  • King Leonidas
  • Grigori Rasputin
  • Okita Souji
  • Michel Nostradamus
  • Simo Hayha
  • Sakata Kintoki


  • 1st Fight: Thor vs. Lu Bu - Winner: Thor
    • Chapters: Gods vs Mankind, Final Struggle; The Strongest God Vs The Strongest Human; Rivals; 13 Gods, 13 Mortals; Killing Blow; Joy
  • 2nd Fight: Zeus vs. Adam - Winner: Zeus
    • Chapters: File No.00000000001; Beyond The Realm Of Possibility; A Magnificent Copy; Expelled From The Garden; Pervert; Overwhelming Love
  • 3rd Fight: Poseidon vs. Kojiro Sasaki - Winner: Kojiro Sasaki
    • Chapters: Golden Age; Ruler Of The Seas; The Violent God That History Forgot; History's Greatest Loser; Secret Tecnnique - Tsubame Gaeshi; The Truth Behind Ganryujima; The Shallow Gazes Into The Abyss
  • 4th Fight: Hercules vs. Jack The Ripper - Winner: Jack The Ripper
    • Chapters: Justice vs Evil; The Essence Of A Gentleman; The Choice Of Heracles; God Of Fortitude; Twelve Labours; Birth of a Monster; Truth; Endless Love; The Final Labour; Looks Like I'm The Victor; Eternal Slumber
  • 5th Fight: Shiva vs. Raiden Tameemon - Winner: Shiva
    • Chapters: Two Men, Unmatched; First Exchange; Hundred Gates; Varying Expectations; Chrysanthemum Clothesline; The Destroyer and the Tempest; Svarga's Peak; Time of Awakening; Forbidden Move; Ressonance; Thank You
  • 6th Fight: Buddha vs. Bishamonten/Zerofuku/Hajun - Winner: Buddha
    • Chapters: On the Precipice; Round 6; Zero; Zero's Grief; Accumulation; The Path; Happiness, Legend of the Netherworld; A Dark Cloud Hangs; Seeds and Soil; Light and Shadow; Path of Light
  • 7th Fight: Qin Shi Huang vs. Hades - Winner: Qin Shi Huang
    • Chapters: Substitute; Taboo; King vs King; Chi You; Blindfold; The Greatest King; A Promise, and a Vow; Hades' Pride; Elder Brother of the Gods; The Beginning of the End; Return of the King; Kin-chan
  • 8th Fight: Nikola Tesla vs. Beelzebub - Winner: TBA
    • Chapters: Ideate and Create; Anathema; Dark vs Light; The Fly Beats Its Wings
  • 9th Fight: TBA
  • 10th Fight: TBA
  • 11th Fight: TBA
  • 12th Fight: TBA
  • 13th Fight: TBA

Alternative Title(s): Shuumatsu No Walkure Record Of Ragnarok