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Recap / Recess S 1 E 11 My Fair Gretchen

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"This is the Arkansas Standard Achievement Test, the most powerful achievement test in the world, so powerful I reckon it will blow your minds clean away. But the question is: 'Do you feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punks?"
Miss Finster

After getting a perfect score on a standardized test, Gretchen is given the opportunity to go to Oppenheimer Elementary for the Extremely Gifted. However, she doesn't want to leave her friends, who devise a plan to sabotage her enrollment.



  • Achievement Test of Destiny: Miss Finster seems to treat the test like it's a big deal. However, Miss Grotke subverts it by reminding the kids that it's not for a grade.
    Miss Finster: You're a wimp, you know that, Grotke?
  • Big "NO!": Mikey when Gretchen informs him and the rest of the Recess Gang that she may have to leave them.
  • Book-Ends: The episode opens with Miss Finster testing the fourth graders, with Gretchen among them. And it closes with Gretchen, as Miss Grundler, testing the teachers, with Miss Finster among them.
  • Grade Skipper: Deconstructed with Gretchen. Even though she could go straight to a college-level elementary school, Gretchen doesn't want to leave her decidedly less intellectually-gifted friends.
  • Irony: Although Gretchen can stay in Third Street School, the Oppenheimer professors allow her to give a tutorial program... to the faculty!
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  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk / It's All About Me: Turns out Principal Prickly only wants to send Gretchen to Oppenheimer to get promoted to Junior High principal.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: One of the Oppenheimer professors clearly resembles Albert Einstein.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Thanks to TJ and his friends, Gretchen is able to do this... only to show her true genius when she cracks under pressure.
  • Shout-Out: Miss Finster's opening speech about the Arkansas Standard Achievement Test mirrors a line from Dirty Harry. TJ even lampshades it:
    TJ: The old lady's been watching too many Clint Eastwood movies again.
  • Spit Take: Miss Finster's reaction to learning that Gretchen has finished the test in less than five minutes.

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