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Recap / Ready Jet Go S 2 E 22 Mars Rock For Mom Sean Has A Cold

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Air date: May 6, 2019

Mars Rock for Mom
Happy Mother's Day!
Written by: Rachel Lipman

It's Mother's Day. Jet wants to buy Celery a gift, but all she wants is to finish her book. Jet realizes he left Jet 2 on Mars, so the gang goes on a mission to retrieve him. This also gives Sean the perfect opportunity to get a Mars rock for his mom.

  • Bait-and-Switch: When Sean shows his mom the rock he found, Dr. Rafferty comments that she knows where it came from. At first, Sean is worried that she knows that it came from Mars, but Dr. Rafferty says that she knows that it came from Sean.
  • Call-Back: A reference to the end of "Try and Try Again" is made, and is a crucial plot point. In that episode, the kids want Jet 2 to be their Mars rover, so they give him a new set of wheels and take him to Mars. However, Jet left Jet 2 there. During the time in which he was stranded there, he has adapted to the Mars environment and apparently formed a relationship with Boop.
  • Face Palm: Mindy does this when Jet reveals that he left behind her camera.
  • Forgetful Jones: A Running Gag in this episode is Jet leaving his things behind and forgetting where he put them. First, he forgets his jacket. Next, he forgets his wallet. Then, he devises a plan to get Jet 2 to pick up after him so he doesn't leave his stuff behind, only to realize that he left Jet 2 on Mars. Finally, Jet leaves behind Mindy's camera. Luckily, the camera was inside Jet 2's stomach compartment.
  • Hidden Depths: Jet 2 is revealed to have adapted to the Mars environment when he was stranded there, and also learned how to play checkers. Meanwhile, Dr. Rafferty is revealed to have a rock collection.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Played with. This episode reveals that even though Jet always seems to wear his jacket, he actually wears a white shirt underneath it, and is seen without his jacket on for the very first time.
  • Reflective Eyes: When Jet 2 leaves Mars with the kids, Boop gets memories of when they formed a heart in her lenses.
  • Running Gag: Jet being a Forgetful Jones and leaving his stuff behind.
  • Shipper on Deck: Sydney thinks that Jet 2 and Boop's apparent relationship is very sweet.
  • Ship Tease: Jet 2 and Boop were implied to be in love with each other during Jet 2's time on Mars. They make tracks in the soil together and form a heart. They even play checkers together. Jet 2 is very sad when he has to leave Mars, and when he leaves, Boop gets memories of when they formed a heart in her lenses. Also, Sydney seems to ship them.
  • Shy Finger-Twiddling: Sean does this after he's relieved that Dr. Rafferty doesn't know that the rock he gave her came from Mars.
  • Stepford Smiler: Jet 2, being the Perpetual Smiler that he is, still keeps a smile on his face even though he's clearly dejected that he has to leave Boop behind.
  • Title Drop: In this episode, Jet 2 says "Ready! Jet Go!", which is the title of the show.
  • Wham Episode: This episode picks up from where "Try and Try Again" left off, and Jet 2 safely returns to Earth.

Sean Has a Cold
Get well soon, Sean.
Written by: Rachel Lipman

Sean is sick with a cold, and is disappointed that he can't fly kites with his friends. Sunspot shows him how he can have fun on a sick day.

  • Ambiguous Situation: Despite what the title of this episode saying that Sean has a cold, he seems to be fine other than a slight cough.
  • An Aesop: This episode teaches us that you can have a good time, even when things don't go your way.
  • Art Shift: The comic-book art style is used when Sean and Sunspot are building a machine.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: What does Sean have in this episode? A cold.
  • Iris Out: The episode ends this way.
  • Literal-Minded:
    • When Dr. Rafferty says that Sean's got a cold, Jet, being the alien he is, thinks that Sean is actually cold.
    • Carrot thinks that spring cleaning means literally cleaning springs.
  • Ridiculously Fast Construction: Sunspot manages to build a kite flying machine in a matter of seconds.
  • Rube Goldberg Machine: Sunspot and Sean design and build one in this episode in order to entertain Sean while he's sick.
  • Shout-Out: When the kids' kites get stuck in a tree, Jet calls the tree a "kite-eating tree".
  • Sick Episode: In this episode, Sean has a cold, so he has to stay in his room and rest while the other kids fly kites outside. At first, he's grumpy about this, so Sunspot joins him and helps him to entertain himself by building simple machines.
  • Title Drop: Done by Dr. Rafferty, when she says that Sean has a cold.