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Recap / Rae Kohai
aka: Rion Rhino Mills

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Rae was beamed up by Half Boiled Hero to do a commentary on Zumpano. After the commentary, Hero shot her out of the space ship and fell to Earth. While she was recovering, she got a a package from Super Epic Clay that contained Baymax from Big Hero 6 to soothe Rae's pain. To do that, they did a commentary on a Spiderman Fanboy and Rae was checked for prostrate (rather painfully) and no cancer was detected. Rae was later revealed to have cancer and Baymax turned out to be Monsieur Popo.


Rae then did a video with Scarlet Otaku on a bad Kill La Kill review. Rae made Scarlet cry and she stole her wallet.

Rae's cancer got worse until Clay got her a cure and she turned back into Sweetie Belle. Master TP 10 shows up as Carl (he drank the cure as well) along with Mr Sir Raven, and Derterifii show up to do a commentary on MDXLR. Raven wants to change his avatar to Jafar, but TP won't let him. He does eventually change his avatar, but nobody cares and he changes back. Web Video/MDXLR kills Clay and Rae mourns his death. In the end, it turned out everyone but Raven was Jafar much to Raven's chagrin. MasterTP10 drank the cure and turned into Senator Armstrong. He told everyone to turn back to their original avatar. Rae refuses and TP kills Rae. Then TP inhabited her body and continued doing commentaries for 10 more months until the memory of Rae came back and the two had a massive battle to the death in Episode 50 where TP died and Rae regained her body before leaving the Commentary Community again after an orgy.


Alternative Title(s): Rion Rhino Mills


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