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Recap / RWBYV 2 E 2 Welcome To Beacon

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Volume 2, Episode 02:

Welcome To Beacon
Team Cinder moves in.

While Professors Ozpin and Goodwitch discuss General Ironwood's fleet of ships, Team RWBY play board games in the library. Meanwhile, Haven Academy's students have started to arrive...

Tropes in this episode include:

  • The Comically Serious: Ren is the only one in the library actually studying and ignores everybody else to the point of turning a page onto Nora's head when she falls asleep on the book that he's reading.
  • Fantastic Racism: The Flashback reveals that this is the reason why Blake hides her identity as a Faunus; in her own words, she wants people to see her for who she is, not what she is. Even Ozpin admits that while more and more humans have begun to accept the Faunus, there are still humans who do not.
  • Flashback: While thinking alone in the dorm room, Blake flashes back to Ozpin discussing the events of the previous volume finale with her.
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  • General Failure: Played for laughs. Weiss accidentally attacks her own navy in the tabletop game due to her inexperience.
  • Giving Someone the Pointer Finger: Weiss is very adamant at finding out what's got Blake in a funk.
  • Had To Be Sharp: Blake deflects Ozpin's questions about her past by stating that she didn't get into Beacon the normal way because she grew up outside the kingdoms where people have to know how to fight just to survive.
  • Heroic RRoD: Blake is beginning to show signs of lack of sleep and its pretty obvious that she is extremely worried about the actions of the White Fang.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • Weiss claims that their tabletop game requires a high degree of strategy, to which Yang snarks that she tried to attack her own navy a few turns prior.
    • Pyrrha promptly confiscates Jaune's issue of "X-Ray and Vav" and hands him a book he should be reading... before opening up the same comic book and visibly enjoying it for herself.
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    • After Blake leaves the library, Nora just shrugs and says, "Women."
  • Jerkass Has a Point: When Blake explains what is bothering her, the rest of the team can't help but agree; Torchwick and the White Fang are planning something that no one knows anything about and they aren't just going to wait for Team RWBY and the others to graduate
  • Older Than They Look: At the very end of this episode, Mercury, Emerald, and Cinder appear to be infiltrating Beacon disguised as visiting students. While Mercury and Emerald are indicated to be around the same age as the seventeen-year-old students, Cinder is a grown adult and older than any of the students. While her true age is unknown, she has no trouble passing as a student without raising suspicions.
  • Title Drop: The final line of the episode, said by Ruby towards Cinder.

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