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Pure Pure Pleiades 2 is an anime spin-off of the Overlord series, and was aired alongside Overlord II on January 16, 2018 to April 3, 2018. The second season had a total of thirteen episodes, however the running time for each was one minute and a half.
Ainz finds himself in another reality where he is the CEO of a company known as Nazarick. His comrades, NPCs are all his executives and employees.

Dawn of Confusion


The episode opens up to the scene where Shalltear Bloodfallen had been resurrected after the Bloody Valkyrie Incident. As Ainz reaches out an supporting hand from Albedo, consoling him on his failure in preventing Shalltear's brainwashing, he immediately finds himself at the desk in an office space where all the NPCs are busy working, manning desks like a corporate facility. Ainz realizes that he in now the president of a company called Nazarick where all his employees are the NPCs from the Great Tomb of Nazarick. He is uncertain what caused his transportation but belives it similar to the phenomena that brought him to the New World. Despite being transported to another world, Ainz still has one focus: To build the best company. The first thing he asks Albedo, is what his company does.

Staff in Another World

Albedo finishes giving Nazarick's company summary to Ainz Ooal Gown. Ainz thanks Albedo, despite not understanding the entirety. He then orders Albedo to call a representative from each department so that they can have a future strategy. Turning his attention to his own floor, Ainz finds that the Pleiades are secretaries. The President of Nazarick is at a loss of words, until Yuri Alpha offers him some tea. Looking around he is pleased to see the maids busy at work and diligent in their duties. However he spies Lupusregina Beta lazing around at her desk and asks Yuri to clarify what she is exactly doing. Yuri states that Lupusregina is resting, Ainz inquires if she is on break only to get a negative. When asked what work Lupusregina is in charge of, Yuri then states that she handles drinking parties stunning the Overlord.

Executives, Gathering

Ainz Ooal Gown ponders whether if he switched places with the Ainz that was originally in charge of Nazarick Corporation. Albedo interrupts his thoughts, informing that the meeting with the different representatives is ready.

The conference room contains members of the Floor Guardians who are managers in Nazarick. Each control different departments reflecting to the floors their counterparts in the Great Tomb of Nazarick guarded. He takes notes that they lack any sort of uniform dress. Albedo states that President Ainz always stated that uniforms were antiquated and that they should engage their work in their most effective outfit. Ainz is surprised at hearing that and learning that the gathered managers are comfortable with this policy. Using this knowledge Ainz comes to believe that the President Ainz in this world is more flexible. However he realizes that this means Cocytus is naked. Albedo hearing her master's interest prepares to strip, unwilling to let Cocytus win.


Great Loyalty

CZ 2 I 28 Delta introduces Ainz Ooal Gown to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd departments that are in charge of general affairs. Shalltear Bloodfallen greets the two as they enter. Ainz thinking back to how Shalltear was brainwashed in the New World and fought against him, wonders if something similar can happen in this current world. Seeing Ainz's worried faces, the True Vampire asks what is wrong. Anxiously Ainz asks Shalltear if she ever fought against his Nazarick before. The statement shocks Shalltear, who screams how she could ever fight against Nazarick or President Ainz. Ainz tries to remedy the situation stating it was only hypothetical. He also includes he was just wondering if she is being headhunted by other companies. Shalltear stammers that she passed her entrance exam and rose to her position, all thanks to her loyalty to Nazarick and Ainz. Ainz attempts to apologize, but Shalltear rejects stating she wants him to believe her loyalty to the point of offering herself as a chair. Aghast at her behavior, Ainz tries to have Shizu intervene only to have her say: Power Harassment.

The Manager of Verdict

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta guides Ainz Ooal Gown to the 5th Department where the slaes division is located. Unfortunately Entoma mentions that the department has been running a huge deficit due to a failed deal. Entering the department they are greeted by the manager, Cocytus. Unlike his Great Tomb of Nazarick counterpart who is strong and fearless, this world's Cocytus is seen groveling and fearfully due to his inability to boost sales. He begs Ainz's forgiveness and offers him his letter of resignation. Entoma attempts to take the letter, only to be stopped by Ainz scolding for immediately accepting it. Ainz returns the letter to the manager and tells him though his mistake caused Nazarick to suffer damage, he understands that everyone makes mistakes. He urges Cocytus to accept his failure and learn how to leverage it. Cocytus at a loss for words at Ainz's leniency swears to work harder. Later Cocytus is seen having a meal at an oden stand with Demiurge. He tells Demiurge that he will serve Ainz forever. The demon is amused at why Cocytus is saying such an obvious thing before clinking his glass with his co-worker.

Those Who Pick Up

Solution Epsilon introduces Ainz Ooal Gown to the 6th Department. Just as Ainz wonders what the department handles, Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore open the door. The twins are thrilled at seeing President Ainz visit them. The two gleefully state they are very hard at work. Ainz remembers the previous world's Aura and Mare, Aura being a boyish girl with a Beast Tamer Class, while Mare being an Otoko no Musume and Otokonoko. As Ainz muses those terms, Mare face starts to blush. Solution comments Ainz's intent start at the boy. Ainz is panicking at this action. He then turns back to the main focus of his visit and asks the dark elves what their department does. Aura declares them to be personnel department, showcasing a sign saying "Greet Cheerfully." Mare reports to Ainz that they did interviews as an employment test yesterday. However their candidates were no good, as they failed to have guts and are too young, the last part Ainz finds ironic considering their ages. Solution expresses hopes that the two hire young and tough people, which causes Aura to call her a man-eater.

Out of Order

Narberal Gamma introduces Ainz Ooal Gown to the 7th Department where Demiurge is the manager. Walking in the two spot Demiurge speaking with Evil Lord Envy about the coordination of other departments. Realizing that the president is in the room, Demiurge bows and greets his superior. Ainz praises Demiurge reliability and performance. Demiurge proudly states that he is unworthy of such praise as he is a slave to the president. Ainz becomes worried of the exploitative philosophy. When Demiurge asks him about "that matter", Ainz is unsure as to what he is referring to. He feigns acceptance of the matter, which Demiurge takes as permission to implement action. Leaving Ainz wonders what the plan is, as does Narberal.

Customers' Feeling

Back at his desk, Ainz Ooal Gown learns that the last department is the 8th Department. Yuri confirms stating it to be the final protective line of Nazarick. Curious Ainz asks what kind of department it is. Remembering the 8th Floor Guardian, Victim Ainz wonders what this Victim is like. Opening the door to the 8th Department he finds that the department to be empty save only for a desk manned by Victim. There Victim is manning multiple phone sets with various customers. Yuri explains that he is handling complaints and that Victim has been protecting Nazarick's image from the backlash of customers by himself. Ainz is distressed and wishes to add more staff to assist the burdening duty, only for Yuri to state that there is none that can match Victim's tact. Thinking back to the other Pleiades Ainz has to agree with her, and Yuri also adds CZ 2 I 28 Delta assist Victim.

Soaring Spirits of People

Ainz Ooal Gown realizes he didn't go down to the 4th Department. Before he can go with Lupusregina Beta, Albedo barges into his office forcibly inviting herself to accompany them. Opening the door to the 4th Department Ainz finds the manager, Gargantua to be alone and sleeping at his desk. Lupusregina mentions that the entire space is for Gargantua and he will never wake no matter how loud it is. Ainz wonders why they employ the golem, but decides not to touch the subject. He asks why Albedo was so insistent in coming with them to the 4th Department. Albedo shouts that only he could do it, confusing Ainz. Lupusregina deduces that Albedo didn't want the president to be alone with her. Albedo denies this despite stating that Gargantua's department is the one place you can do anything and thinking that the maid and Ainz are an item. Albedo starts screaming in jealously. Ainz states that they wouldn't be true as they would be technically be in the sleeping golem's prescene.

Oh Dear, I Wonder

Ainz Ooal Gown thanks Sebas Tian after the butler served him a cup of tea. In this world Ainz learns that he is the leader of the secretaries. Before Ainz could go further he notices a lascivious Vice President Albedo hovering by his desk. Albedo believing sweets to be best for an exhausted brain, has prepared Ainz a snack. As Albedo dotes around Ainz, the latter sees that her emotions are the same as her counterpart in his world. He later asks Sebas Tian what causes Albedo to act this way. Though he is not in any position to talk about another person's emotion, Sebas Tian states it is love. Ainz already expecting that answer, is given another surprise when Sebas Tian declares that he is also in love. Ainz initially misunderstands until Sebas Tian explains that it is his love for the company which he expresses.


While walking through the ninth department which specializes in welfare, Ainz Ooal Gown discovers the Cafeteria. Upon entering Ainz marvels at the number of employees, which indicates Nazarick is a big company. He takes note of the lunch menu, despite not requiring to eat. Albedo unhappily states that the cafeteria is unfit for Ainz, and thus prepared him a homemade meal. Ainz however opts to eat a meal from the cafeteria. Ainz is later joined by Eclair Ecleir Eicler, who praised the President for his ability to create a good image of benevolent superior. However the penguin clains he has already a step ahead of him, and plans to take over Nazarick as the next President. Albedo then grabs the bird by the tail, asking Ainz if they could fire 'this'. Eclair begs not to be fired and Ainz removes his subordinate from Albedo arms. Eclair tries to state none are as loyal to Ainz, until he begins declaring that he will be president leaving him hanging at Albedo's mercy.

Introduction of Industry Takeover

Ainz Ooal Gown receives an email from Demiurge, who states that everything is all set. However Ainz has no idea what Demiurge is referring to. At a meeting of all the department heads, Demiurge gives his report on the 'acquisition' and that all the arrangements are ready and wishes to proceed. Ainz accidentally asks what the demon is talking about, however manages to stumble in his words making seem as he was referring to the acquisition. The department managers are a bit confused by Ainz's reaction. however the latter manages to bluff his way out. Demiurge understands what Ainz is referring to and believes that the CEO wishes the acquisition not to be handled quietly bu should get the media involved while 'it' is i development. Ainz agrees, he orders Aura Bella Fiora to find any scandals that will damage the opponent. Shalltear Bloodfallen also recommends leaking the information to the media in stages which Cocytus states will get public opinion on their side. Albedo then declares that their opponent in this acquisition is the Re-Estize Corporation.

To the Dawn of Despair

Demiurge reports that Nazarick has successful completed a merger and acquisition of the Re-Estize Corporation. Ainz realizes that running a company is hard, and could even imagine running such an enterprise as a salaryman. He wonders if he could be more optimistic salaryman in the world he originally left behind. However seeing the faces and smiles of his subordinates, amkes him realize him place is as Ainz Ooal Gown. He once again reaches out to Albedo. In an instant he finds himself back in the Throne Room of Nazarick when he was at the start of the season. He pauses confused at the situatin, until Albedo reaches out to his hand. Later Ainz wonders what that vision he had of that other world was about. Albedo calls out to him that its time, which Ainz knows it to be time for his Momon persona to gain more fame. As the Overlord leaves, Albedo says farewell to her 'darling'.

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