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Recap / Pure Pure Pleiades Season 1

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Pure Pure Pleiades is an anime spin-off of the Overlord series. Pure Pure Pleiades first aired on August 4, 2015 to September 22, 2015. This was the first season of the spin-off series, totaling eight episodes, each three minutes long.
Ainz accidentally uses the magic item Total Maniac on himself. The effects of the item restored his emotions and left him in a bewildered state. He tries to pretend that everything is fine. But then the battle maids, the Pleiades, have arrived before him and await to receive their next orders, buuut...!


Overlord and Beginning

Battle Maids

Cutting Through the Lies with Fists

Two Victims

A Predator's Heart

Battle Outside of Carne Village

Before the Cannon

Control and Chaos


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