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Recap / Probe Metamorphic Anthropoidic Prototype Over You

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Originally airing on 24 March 1988, "Metamorphic Anthropoidic Prototype Over You" begins with Mickey and Austin leaving his company with one of his CEOs trying to convince him to interview a scientist with a "Metamorphic Anthropoidic Prototype", or MAPE. Before they get to their car, they're ambushed by a Louise Boken (Tara Windsor), who is convinced that Austin has miscalculated the size of galaxies by a factor of 2. He invites her to follow him to his warehouse, where he discovers that Dr Deanna Hardwick (Kathryn Leigh Scott), creator of the MAPE, is already waiting for him.


Austin has to deal with flirting coming from both Josephine (the MAPE) and Ms Boken, both of whom want to replace Mickey as the only woman in Austin's life. Unfortunately, someone begins killing off these women. Louise Boken is discovered dead by gunshot wound that first night, and the prim(at)e suspect ends up being Josephine. Austin struggles to find who was behind the attack, quickly learning that the MAPE is just as intelligent as her creator tried to claim, even if he despises her choice in entertainment.


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