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Recap / Preacher S 3 E 10 The Light Above

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Jesse returns home for what he hopes is the last time but angers Starr and endangers Cassidy in the process; Tulip battles hell and Nazis.

  • Agony of the Feet: T.C. shoots himself in the foot with a shotgun under Jesse's command.
  • Apologetic Attacker: T.C. doesn't want to fight Jesse and tries to argue for a peaceful solution. This is probably the reason why Jesse doesn't hate him as much as Jody and Marie and opts to spare his life.
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  • Batman Gambit: Marie made a deal with Satan. Should Jesse kill her, he'll go to hell. She hopes this will keep him from killing her. She is proven wrong however.
  • Boom, Headshot!: How the Saint disposes of Satan.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The Angel of Death and the Saint of Killers make pretty short and brutal work of the Nazis attacking them.
  • Dirty Coward: Marie, Satan and the Angel of Death are all reduced to pathetic pleading once they realize that their respective opponent isn't screwing around.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Hoover gets unceremoniously killed by Herr Starr shortly before the end of the episode. Featherstone doesn't seem to mind much.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Saint is appalled when Satan smacks around Eugene for appealing to his better nature. He also lets him walk free after killing Satan.
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  • Eye Scream: The Saint gouges out The Angel of Death's eyes.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Both Jody and T.C. accept their respective ends calmly and collectedly. Eccarius tries to at first, but ends up screaming shortly after.
  • Go Through Me: Jody confronts Jesse saying this when the latter is about to kill Marie.
  • I Choose to Stay: Even though Jesse gives him the opportunity to run away, T.C. decides to burn alongside Jody as he has no place to go.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong: Hoover claims that his newfound vampire status and his need to wear an umbrella hat during the day won't affect his job performance whatsoever. Herr Starr heavily disagrees and has him burn to death immediately.
  • Karmic Death:
    • Eccarius gets devoured by Les Enfants after they have all been secretly turned into vampires.
    • Marie dies of Rapid Aging after Jesse puts her into her own soul-sucking machine.
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    • After selling out Les Enfants Du Sang to the Grail and having all but three of them killed, Hoover is killed by Herr Starr exposing him to sunlight, a weakness he had gained from becoming a vampire.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: The Angel of Death gets her eyes gouged out by the Saint, when she reminds him of his family's eyes being picked out by her crows.
  • Let's Fight Like Gentlemen: Jesse could have easily commanded Jody to kill himself, but he opts to beat his father's murderer to death without Genesis.
  • Made of Iron: Jody takes a lot of punishment before he finally drops dead, including two nails embedded in his face and his skull being bashed open.
  • My Greatest Failure: Not killing his grandma earlier is this for Jesse.
  • Nay-Theist: Tulip bluntly tells God that she doesn't need his love.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Cassidy saved Hoover from being eaten by Eccarius, only for Hoover to sell out Cassidy and Les Enfants du Sang to the Grail and have all but two of Les Enfants killed in the house raid.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Jesse and Jody have an absolutely brutal fight, which ends with Jesse bashing Jody's skull open against a wall.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Hitler turns out to be this. Ridiculous as his new Nazi regime of store clerks seemed, he's apparently managed to turn them into a decent fighting force (outfitted with a tank, somehow). And at the end of the episode, it looks like he's going to be taking over as King of Hell.
  • Revenge:
    • Jesse finally gets it against Jody and Grandma.
    • Eugene joins the Saint of Killers in his hunt for Jesse due to being sent to Hell by him. The Saint himself also plans to kill God after Satan, for his role in his family's death.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: Shortly after Hoover sold out Les Enfants, he is killed by Herr Starr over a perceived slight.
  • So Proud of You: Jody's last words to Jesse before dropping dead.
  • Take a Third Option: Subverted. Faced with the choice between letting Gran'ma off scott free or killing her (which she's ensured will mean that his soul belongs to Hell), Jesse instead just has her destroy all the souls she's acquired, meaning between that and both of her caretakers/enforcers having just died, she has no reasonable way of extending her life further and will likely die of natural causes soon. However, as he's leaving, Jesse realizes that unless he kills her personally, he'll always be haunted by the memory of her, so he goes back and straps her in her own soul-extraction machine.
  • Time Stands Still: How God makes his entrance and saves Tulip from a tank shell.
  • Whip It Good: The Angel of Death doesn't just use the whip for show, she can use it in combat too, tearing off limbs and more.
  • You Are in Command Now: Hitler takes over Hell from Satan after the latter is killed by the Saint.
  • You Wouldn't Shoot Me: Marie repeatedly invokes this. In the end, she is proven wrong.

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