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Recap / Powerless S 1 E 8 Van V Emily Dawn Of Justice

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  • I Let You Win: Emily confronts Van after the game, and Van then shows her his various trophies, which on closer inspection turn out to be fraudulent. It then becomes apparent that everything he's ever won was because his parents bought someone off, a revelation that Van does not take well.
  • Let the Bully Win: The staff has given Van the Employee of the Month award for years because the one time he didn't, he had the winner fired for taking a croissant from the break room.
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  • Rescue Romance: Teddy becomes infatuated with Green Fury when she rescues him from falling off the balcony. He becomes obsessed with meeting her again, ignoring his own girlfriend.
  • Shout-Out: The title references the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  • Spelling Bee: Van "won" one by spelling failure "F-A-L-U-R-E".
  • Throwing the Fight: Jackie advises Emily to throw the competition between her and Van. She does lose her first shot on purpose, but then Van's taunting gets the better of her and starts winning again. She eventually does lose by one shot, however.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Van has one after realizing he's never won anything on his own. He snaps out of it when Emily reminds him that he beat her fairly at Green Arrow darts.

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