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Recap / Power Rangers Zeo S1E8 The Puppet Blaster

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Popular Angel Grove Children's Show host Captain Pete and his friendly robot known as Puppetman are targeted by the Machine Empire. They convert the bot into the Puppet Blaster monster, and use him to brainwash the kids into going on a riot, not to mention acting as human shields when the Zeo Rangers attempt to put a stop to the misdeeds. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are forced to watch Lt. Stone's nephew for the day, a brat who doesn't need a ray to make him make their life a living nightmare!



  • Adaptational Heroism: Puppetman was a robotic kids show host reprogrammed by the Machine Empire, and was even rebuilt after the Rangers defeated him. His Ohranger counterpart Bara-Pinokiller was a Baranoia plant from the start.

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