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Recap / Power Rangers Ninja Steel S 01 E 03 Live And Learn

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Galvanx sends the monster Spinferno to attack the rangers. Meanwhile Mick creates five new Ninja Stars, using the Ninja Steel and Nexus Star. The five stars give the rangers access to elemental attacks, specifically fire, water, forest, earth and metal.

The rangers head off to class when Brody suddenly gets an alert on his data comm. Since it's still connected to the Galaxy Warrior network, he learns Spinferno is on the way. Brody decides to go after him alone, leaving the rest of the team to attend class. As the Red Ranger, he uses his data comm to analyse the monster for weaknesses. Eventually, Spinferno retreats.


The other rangers are disappointed to learn that Brody went off his own, and they only get more annoyed when Brody uses his data comm to ace a quiz in class. They call him out for depending on it, but he shrugs off their criticisms. However, he accidentally drops it in the hallway (which was from the hole in the backpack Preston gave him), where it's discovered by Vincent and Monty. Wanting to be more popular than the rangers, Vincent asks the data comm how to achieve this. The comm recommends that he defeat a monster.

Vincent sets out to do this, only to make a fool of himself in the process. Spinferno damages the data comm, but the rangers arrive in time to fight, Brody having stayed behind to try and find the comm. Mick gives Brody a pep talk, convincing him that he doesn't need the comm as much as he needs his friends. Brody takes this to heart and goes to join the fight.


Spinferno escapes again, but Brody comes up with a plan. At his instruction, Calvin challenges the monster to a race, betting his Power Star on it. He attempts to use the Elemental Star in water mode to try and keep up, but it looks like the monster is going to win. Luckily the race was simply a way to lure Spinferno into a trap. The other rangers use their own Elemental Stars on him and defeat him.

On the ship, Cosmo Royale sends a giant foot soldier to face the rangers rather than revive Spinferno. The rangers engage with their zords but do little damage. Brody decides that the zords should come together in the same way the team has and they form the Ninja Steel Megazord. Inside the cockpit, they find five more Ninja Stars. They use them to activate Ninja Master Mode, which allows them to power up the Megazord and use it to defeat the monster.


Back at school, Brody apologises to the others for not being a team player. To make up for his actions, he reveals that he and Mick made four more data comms for the others to use. Unfortunately the damage caused by Spinferno means they aren't connected to the network anymore, but they can at least use them as communicators. With this in mind, Brody renames them the Ninja Comms.

Meanwhile, Vincent is over the moon to find the video of him humiliating himself ended up getting more views than videos of the Power Rangers.

  • Foreshadowing: Preston gives Brody a new backpack, but apologizes for having a hole in it from one of his rabbits chewing on it. This comes to play later when Brody tries to get his data comm but his hand goes through a hole at the bottom.
  • Super Mode: Ninja Master Mode is introduced as another zord exclusive power up. It seems to function more like Mega Mode and less like Dino Drive Mode in that it's necessary for the Megazord to function, not just an optional power up.

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