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Recap / Power Rangers Dino Charge The Ghostest with the Mostest

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The first Holiday Episode of Dino Charge.

It's Halloween, and the Rangers are having a costume party. Meanwhile, Sledge and Wrench revive Duplicon, and use him to kidnap one of the Rangers and transform a memory-reading monster named Memorella into a duplicate of that Ranger. Realizing what's happened, Kendall calls all six Rangers into their base, and uses a lie detector machine to determine who's the fake; meanwhile, Duplicon runs off to go trick-or-treating, and is joined by Curio, allowing the kidnapped Ranger to break free and return to the base, where they confront the fake and drive them outside. Using the Dino Cupid Charger, Shelby makes a batch of Vivix fall in love with Memorella when they see her reflection; while they hug her and keep her from moving, Ivan finishes her off. When Memorella is enlarged, Ivan and Tyler summon the Ptera and Pachy Zords to destroy her. Later, while cleaning up after the party, Shelby finds the Dino Cupid Charger is jammed in her morpher; while trying to get it out, she accidentally shoots Chase, who promptly falls in love with his own reflection.



  • Back from the Dead: Duplicon, having been destroyed in Double Ranger, Double Danger, is resurrected by Sledge and Wrench.
  • Clip Show: But done with a unique twist, with the lie detector scenes as setup device.
  • First-Name Basis: How Kendall figures out who the fake ranger is. Koda only uses Kendall's first name, but Memorella made the mistake of calling her Ms. Morgan.
  • Glad I Thought of It: Sledge congratulates himself on having the intelligence to think of Memorella and Duplicate's plan.
  • Halloween Episode
  • Impostor Forgot One Detail
  • Lie Detector: A subversion, since it cleared the fake Koda. Memorella had Koda's memories, so she was able to answer Kendall's questions.
  • Love Potion: Now weaponized by the rangers.
  • Narcissist: Played for laughs with Chase, who literally falls in love with his own reflection when he's accidentally shot with the Dino Cupid Charger.
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  • Out of Order: This episode aired fifteenth, between True Black and Rise of a Ranger... the latter of which properly introduces the Pachy Zord, despite its appearance in this one.
  • Reckless Gun Usage: Shelby accidentally shoots Chase with a Dino Cupid blast while trying to figure out how to get the Cupid Charger out of her Morpher. Probably would have been better to fiddle with it in a private corner of the base (and with Kendall's help), even though ultimately it had no lasting harm besides giving Chase a case of temporary Acquired Situational Narcissism.
  • Ship Tease: Shelby seems on the verge of admitting to Tyler why she wanted to play the princess to his prince...and then she shoots Chase.

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