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Recap / Power Rangers Dino Charge Race to Rescue Christmas

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The 2nd Holiday Episode of Dino Charge.

Santa is busy asking children what they want for Christmas, when Poisandra drops by to deliver her list of present demands. However, Santa's computer tells him she has been 'naughty' and doesn't deserve presents this year. Infuriated, Poisandra steals the computer, saying that if she can't have presents, nobody can.

In the ranger base, the gang are enjoying a spot of Christmas Dinner before Chase heads to New Zealand to see his family. As he gives presents to each of them, their communicators go off, but it isn't Kendall, who is sitting right next to them. In fact, it is Santa on an emergency line, contacting the rangers to rescue Christmas.


While the rangers attempt to locate the computer, Poisandra and Wrench try to use the computer to see where the rangers base is. Despite looking through each of the rangers, they cannot see the base anywhere. The rangers eventually catch up to them and the two groups battle.

Afterwards, Chase reveals that he missed his flight to NZ, and Keeper comforts him in that if Chloe saw the sacrifices he made, she would understand. Santa then pops in to thank the rangers personally, and offers to give Chase a lift home. As he leaves the rangers open their presents - they are individual photos of the rangers, combined they create a group photo.



  • Clip Show: Poisandra and Wrench use Santa's computer to look at footage of previous episodes.
  • Not Me This Time: When the rangers communicators go off, Kendall says this, as she is the only one with access. Or so she thinks.

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