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Recap / Police Camera Action 1999 S Learning The Hard Way

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In this special edition of the documentary focusing on highlights from the last three years, Alastair Stewart learns the skills needed to drive at the most professional level and the safest level possible.

He drives a Porsche Boxster, and has tuition from a Porsche-qualified instructor in a (then-new-for-1998) Porsche 911.

Alastair then visits a country manor to go on an official Land Rover-run off-road course, learning the skills needed to handle the Land Rover Discovery, which weighs over 2 tonnes.


Then he goes on a rally drive with Colin Macrae, learning the skills needed for a professional rally driver.

Tropes present in the episode:

  • Call-Forward: Although only a small cameo, this mentions the Humberside Police, who will become more important later on in the seasons airing in 2001 as a plot point and be of major importance in 2 episodes.
  • Clip Show: The instalment has clips from the original 1995-1996 episodes, but it adds new footage.
  • Cool Car:
    • The Porsche cars - the Boxster and 911, due to their style and speed
    • The Land Rover Discovery because it's got all-weather, off-road ability
    • The Subaru Impreza rally car because of its speed, and rallying potential.
  • Drugs Are Bad: Downplayed, in that it doesn't try and give an over-the-top example of the consequences, but deconstructed in showing the consequences of drivers on drugs, then reconstructed into showing that police will inevitably come across these sorts of drivers in their line of work.
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  • Special Edition Title: It uses the Title Sequence from the 1998 episodes, but adds in footage from North Yorkshire Police fishtailing an SUV, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety crashing a stolen car off the freeway, and a police camera car skidding out of control, which are unique to this episode.


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