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Recap / Pokemon: The Shadow Of Nemesis

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New Bark Town (A New Beginning!)

  • The trainers arrive in New Bark Town and obtain their licenses as well as their first Pokemon from an aged Professor Elm.
    • Blake chooses a Swinub.
    • Peggy chooses a Houndour.
    • Avery chooses a Phanphy, naming him "Blue".
    • Ryley chooses a Chikorita, naming her "Fern".
    • Melody chooses a Mareep, naming him "Tesla".
    • Abigail chooses a Nidoran.
    • Alex chooses an Eevee.
    • Jackson chooses a Totodile.
  • Melody gets lost on the way there, and gets directions from Abigail, who she immediately decides will be her 'Best Friend Forever'.
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  • Peggy has a panic attack after Abigail tells her off when her Houndour gets into a scuffle with Abigail's Nidoran and Melody's Mareep.
  • Jackson is left behind at the lab, presumably to travel with another group of trainers.

Route 29 (Scuffling with Spinarak!)

  • Abigail names her Nidoran "Tyrian".
  • The trainers vote to go to Blackthorn City first, sort of. In reality, it's more like Abigail decides on Blackthorn, Melody backs her up, Avery just does his thing, Ryley doesn't care and Peggy feels pressured into going with the flow.
  • Avery catches a Pineco, naming it "Green".
  • Peggy catches a Sentret after it steals her hat, bonding with her Houndour in the process, who she decides to name ''Jasper".
  • A Spinarak lands on Abigail's face and sprays webbing on her. She chases it into the forest, closely followed by Melody, and wanders into a Spinarak nest. She and Melody end up having to fight the Spinarak horde off, and are soon joined by Avery and Ryley.
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  • The Spinarak horde is defeated thanks to Tesla's far-reaching Thunder Waves, Tyrian's super-effective Peck attacks, and the teamwork of Blue and Green. However, an Ariados emerges from the trees, and attacks Abigail. Blake makes an appearance and slows down the Ariados with his Swinub's Mud Sport, allowing everyone present to run back to the main road.
  • Jackson rejoins the group.
  • An attempt at voting is made to decide their destination. Abigail, Melody and Avery vote for Blackthorn, with Melody claiming that she wants to catch a Zubat in order to cover up the fact that she's just doing whatever Abigail does. Peggy, Jackson and Blake vote for Cherrygrove. Alex and Ryley do not vote.
  • Abigail and Peggy get into a fight after Peggy votes for Cherrygrove, with Abigail insulting Peggy. Melody makes an attempt at mitigating the situation, but is ignored. Peggy then proceeds to slap Abigail, and Jackson decides to sing a (vaguely insulting) song about the slap. Blake laughs uncontrollably. Abigail gives a sassy comeback, and then walks off, with Melody following her.
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  • Melody decides that she doesn't want to try to make friends with the rest of the group, aside from Abigail and Avery, and possibly Ryley, now that it's clear that most of them dislike Abigail.

Route 29 (Onix Attack!)

  • Abigail asks Melody why she's so nice to her. Melody admits bashfully that she thinks of Abigail as a friend and wants to help her achieve her dreams, but gets so embarrassed that she has to leave.
  • Melody catches a Zubat who has been scared out of its cave, and promptly is nearly eaten by the enormous Onix who scared the Zubats away in the first place. She is saved by Jackson and Abigail, who distract it while she runs away.
  • The trainers (except for Peggy, whose Houndour is too scared of the Onix to fight) engage the Onix in battle, but soon realize that they are fighting a losing battle due to the Onix's overwhelming strength.
  • The group tries to escape, but the Onix uses Rock Polish, boosting its speed and allowing it to cut off their exit. Abigail calls for a change in plans.
  • Melody, hoping to protect Abigail, splits off from the group. She attracts the Onix's attention with the light generated by Tesla's Thunder Waves and her Zubat's newly caught Leech Lifes, and draws it away from the rest of the trainers.

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