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Recap / Pokémon SS27 "Cilan and Brock! Gyarados' Outrage!!"

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  • Contrived Coincidence: Not only do Brock and Cilan meet in a completely random situation, they even make friends with a girl who owns a Pikachu.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Brock and Cilan meet up. If Cilan would have learned the "Lady Sommelier's" name, they both might have actually found out that they have a couple of mutual friends.
  • Rampage from a Nail: The Gyarados' rampage was because of an injury near its tail.
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  • Running Gag: Croagunk appears at the end to put a stop to Brock hitting on Nurse Joy.
  • Title Drop: Cilan's parting words to Brock? "Best wishes."

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