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Recap / Pokémon S1E47 "A Chansey Operation!"

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There there, a little superglue will fix you right up.

We’re bad, not insensitive!

Japanese Title: Lucky's Clinical Records

Original Airdate: June 4, 1998

US Airdate: March 6, 1999


Pikachu is climbing an apple tree while Ash takes a snooze. Unexpectedly, he swallows an apple whole and starts to choke. There is no Pokecenter close enough so Ash runs to the local hospital with Misty and Brock. While he is there a huge accident causes the nearest Pokecenter to overflow with new patients, so many are sent to the hospital for treatment. The doctor is reluctant to work on Pokémon and insists that Ash and company help him. When Team Rocket shows up with their injured Pokémon he recruits them as well. Unfortunately the doctor is dosed with a sedative and Ash, Misty, Brock, Jesse, and James are forced to treat the remaining Pokémon without him. This give Team Rocket a chance to hatch a scheme to steal the newly treated Pokémon, but they are thwarted when their Pokémon, Weezing and Arbok, refuse to attack the Chanseys that helped them recover from their injuries.


This episode contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Why Arbok and Weezing disobey Jessie and James' order to fight the Chansey who treated them.
  • Bit Character: The local Nurse Joy has a bit part in this episode, only showing up to inform the doctor about the accident and then peacing out completely.
  • The Casanova: Proctor flirts with every female character in this episode.
  • Deadly Doctor: Proctor presents himself as this during his Big Damn Heroes moment by opening his labcoat and showing off all his syringes, scissors, and scalpels.
  • Dr. Jerk: Proctor. He's lazy, cynical and a womanizer, but he's a skilled and competent doctor.
    Brock: I don't like this guy. He sounds like me.
    Misty: That is disturbing.
  • Epunymous Title: Chansey is the name of the featured Pokemon, but also a term for high-risk.
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  • Even Evil Has Standards: Arbok and Weezing go beyond their usual Punch-Clock Villain philosophy, refusing to help Team Rocket steal from the hospital that had treated them.
  • Expy: Dr. Proctor is one for the lead from ER.
  • Eye Catch: The featured Who's That Pokémon this episode is Arbok.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Doctor Procter looks at a Dodrio with its necks tied in a knot and says, "That's a knotty problem, isn't it?"
  • Instant Sedation: Proctor gets injected with his own sedative and is asleep in less than a minute.
  • Lost in Translation: When Meowth is asking for his charm, there is a gag where Chansey mishears him and gives him several things that sound like what he is saying. In the Japanese version, it is fairly straight forward, he wants his koban (his forehead charm) and Chansey brings him gohan (rice), goban (a game of Go), kōban (a police substation), and Kongpang (Venonat). The English version keeps some of the word play (I'll pay any price = Chansey brings rice; find my charm, please = Chansey brings the police), but some of the items Chansey brings have no explanation, like the Venonat.
  • Magical Defibrillator: Proctor uses a defibrillator to recharge Pikachu before extracting the apple he's choking on.
  • Noodle Incident: Team Rocket was apparently driving the truck full of Pokémon that ended up getting injured, but it is never explained what happened to cause the accident or how they got ahold of all those Pokemon.
  • Open Heart Dentistry: The doctor at the hospital (for humans) "treats" injuries with superglue. He does try to explain that he is a human doctor and has no business treating Pokemon, but everybody seems to believe this is just an excuse for being lazy.
  • Plot-Induced Stupidity: Despite being one of the more levelheaded characters, Pikachu let his love of apples override his common sense and attempted to eat one whole, resulting in him choking.
  • Worst Aid:
    • Ash thinks the best way to get an apple out of Pikachu's throat is to hold it upside-down and shake it. He clearly makes things worse.
    • Reaching down anyone's throat—much less that of an animal—to dislodge something it is choking on is a bad idea for a long list of reasons. Pikachu, of course, adds risk of electrocution to that list.
    • How does Ash subdue an enraged and injured Dodrio? By having Pikachu zap it!

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