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Recap / Pokemon S 14 E 16 Rematch At The Nacrene Gym

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Before returning to the Nacrene City Gym for a rematch against Lenora, Ash has decided to get some practice in first. He heads to the Pokémon Battle Club and enlists the aid of Don George for some special training. With the aid of a lavishly equipped training room, Ash, Tepig, and Oshawott train intensely, and all three increase their speed and power—just what’s needed to win at the Nacrene Gym!The rematch is another two-on-two battle. Lenora uses her Watchog and Herdier (newly evolved from the Lillipup Ash faced last time), and Ash uses Tepig and Oshawott. Right away, Lenora can see the big improvement in the speed and power of Ash’s Pokémon, but she’s not about to go easy on them! When she uses her famous combination of Herdier’s Roar and Watchog’s Mean Look, Ash has the perfect counterattack, and Oshawott springs into action with its newly learned Aqua Jet! By odd circumstance, both Oshawott and Watchog end up unable to battle, leaving each side with one Pokémon. A fierce battle ensues between Tepig and Herdier, but Tepig’s speed and power prove undeniable. Ash and Tepig emerge victorious and win the Basic Badge!


Next, our heroes head off toward Castelia City, where Ash hopes to win his third Gym Badge in the Unova region!


  • Nothing Is the Same Anymore: This is the first episode since the pilot not to feature Team Rocket in any form and focus entirely on the twerps' plot line. Many episodes from this point onward would continue to break the formula, eventually demoting Team Rocket to recurring characters instead of full time regulars.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Both Oshawott and Tepig learn new attacks in battle (Aqua Jet and Flame Charge respectively). Oshawott still has some problems aiming however.

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