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Recap / Pokemon Rejuvenation

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Warning: This page contains major unmarked spoilers! Avoid it if you haven’t played up to the end of the current release. Details of earlier chapters may not be completely up-to-date as of V12.

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The game starts a mother telling their child, Maria, a story about a Zorua and a Pangoro. The story tells of how the two became friends, and how the two friends had a falling out. The story concludes, and the mother bids Maria goodnight.

Maria wakes up the next morning and goes down to greet her mother. She then goes tell her father that food is ready, and then heads back upstairs to get ready. As she reaches her room, she hears a loud noise from downstairs. Maria hurries downstairs, but only finds a masked person in the lobby. The masked person speaks to someone besides her, before telling Maria to go downstairs to her parents. As Maria leaves the main room, the masked person tells Maria to never give up hope.

Maria heads downstairs, and finds her bleeding mother on a pedestal and her father with his backed turned. As she cries for her mother, her father doesn’t respond to her at all. Instead, a voice saying “Marianette, your father wishes to see you now” is repeated over and over. The scene fades to Marianette standing in front of a mirror, with a maid behind her saying that Marianette’s father wishes to see his daughter. Marianette is confused, and claims her name is Maria. Regardless, Marianette makes her way towards the east wing, as all the other paths are blocked by other maids.

Marianette enters the east wing, finding herself amongst maids, her father in a robe, and a pedestal. Her father talks about a few things, before a maid volunteers, steps onto the pedestal, and vanishes. Despite her protests, Marianette is forced onto the pedestal, and as she cries for help, the scene fades to black.

Attack on the SS Anne

The game resumes with someone asking you about your basic information. The voice reveals herself to be Amanda, the scout for the Aevium League. She gives you a few basic information regarding the league, such as that there are 18 gym leaders and an Elite 8. After choosing your character and inputting your information, you log out of the computer and receive your trainer card from the front desk.

Upon leaving the room, you meet your mother. The two of you talk for a bit, before agreeing to meet back at the banquet hall for the end of voyage party. Your mother suggests that you should talk to the captain, Augustus, before the party. When you meet with Augustus, he talks about his time as a trainer and repeats the description of the Aevium League, then Augustus leaves to go to the party. You meet back up with your mother in front of the room, and head in together.

You eventually sit down with your mother and prepare to eat. However, while Augustus is speaking, three individuals enter the room, dressed in black and red. They called themselves Team Xen, and tell everyone to stay in their seats or else they will blow up the ship. Your mom says to teleport you out, and a Gothitelle sitting a little way away teleports you from the room. Moments later, explosives are detonated.You find yourself in the captain’s room, and the whole ship infested with weird tendrils. You navigate your way back to the banquet hall, to find Augustus mourning his ship. He says that your mom probably went down to the hull to see the damage. You head to the entrance of the ship to see the commotion, but as you watch two Deoxys appears and grabs the two people in front.

You hurry down to the hull, finding your mother safe but the ship in tatters. As the two of you talk, a purple hair woman appears, and your mother tells you to run. With some help, you escape onto the deck, only to find a man in your way. As the purple haired woman comes up behind you, a Talonflame swoops in, grabs you, and takes off. The two people left behind cut their losses and doesn’t pursue you across the ocean.

    Chapter 1: Shipwrecked 

Your First Pokemon

The Talonflame sets you down on a pier, and a lady drives in with her boat. She talks with you a little about how she saw what happened, and directs you to Gearen Lab. She hops onto her Talonflame, and takes off the check for any more survivors of the ship. You take her advice and start your journey to Gearen Lab, finding out that your trainer card works as a passport along the way.

You eventually make it to Gearen Lab, where Amanda greets you at the door. You follow her in and meet Jan, who helps Amanda with the League. You follow her deeper into the lab, bumping into a blonde hair girl along the way, and meet Professor Jenner who was talking with someone before the two of you arrived. Professor Jenner hurriedly shut off the communication and introduces himself, and Amanda directs you to choose your starter.

You make your choice, and Amanda challenges you to your first battle against her Litten. After the battle, she makes her exit. Professor Jenner starts talking about a job he has for you but is interrupted by Ren, his assistant. Ren, seeing that you just got your first Pokemon, also challenges you to a battle. Once the battle concludes, Ren takes his leave. Professor Jenner asked you to help his daughter out in Goldenwood Forest, and gives you some running shoes and a Pokenav.

Gearen City

As you exit the inner lab, Jan takes you for a small detour. You are introduced to some crystals that heals your Pokemon and allows access to the PC. After that, you are free to explore Gearen City. If you head to the train station, you find that the power is down and the trains deactivated, and you eventually find yourself in front of a house with loud music playing. Eventually, a girl named Veronica comes flying out from the roof and lands in front of the house. You approach her, and she asks you for a Pecha Berry as a final meal.

After you give her the berry, she then tells you to leave. Seeing that you aren’t going to leave, she jumps up and introduces herself as Venam. She adds that if you call her Veronica, she will kill you. She tells you to tag along with her to the sewers. You go along and find her laying face down, with Ren unamused at her attempt to get an Oran Berry from him. Venam heads down into the sewers, and you and Ren follow together.

The two of you make your way through the sewers, and as you approach a room, the power flickers and the door closes. You and Ren find the generators and reactivate the power, before heading back to the previous room. You are introduced to Melia, the blonde girl you bumped into back in the lab. Melia is trying to figure out the train’s power, but is eventually distracted by Venam. Venam claims Melia always finds Shiny Pokemon, and brings up their trash bag experiment. Melia looks around for the trash bags, but can’t find them. Suddenly, a two Trubbish’s and a shiny Garbodor appears. You and Ren step up to battle.

Upon their defeat, Venam catches one of the Trubbish’s. Melia finds that the Garbodor has been gnawing on the power cables, and tells it off. The Garbodor retreats, and some engineers were brought down to repair the cables. Venam stays behind to supervise the engineers, Ren heads off to do some studying, and Melia invites you to Goldenwood Forest. You agree and head off to the forest.

Goldenwood Forest

You head over to the train station and meet Tesla once more. She consoles you a bit regarding your mother, before handing you some supplies and buys you a ticket. She then heads off, and you board the train to Goldenwood Forest.

Upon arriving, Melia greets you and thanks you for coming along. The two of you make your way through the forest, interacting with the wildlife and the fisherman that are there. Eventually, you come across a cave. Melia claims that Goldenwood Cave is a place where new trainers come to train, and accompanies you as you make your way through it. You eventually come to a dead end where the wall is covered in scribbles. Melia takes a few pictures, musing about why her father would want her to come here, before accidentally revealing a secret passage. Melia is delighted, and makes her way into the passage. You follow her in.

On the other side, you find yourself in a Grove with a statue of Arceus. Melia had spread out a sheet and invites you to a picnic. The two of you sit and eat for a bit, before Melia reveals that she is heading to Grand Dream City to be their next gym leader. She hesitantly asks you to come with her, before quickly dismissing the idea herself. Flustered, she asks you for a battle.

Once the battle is done, the two of you prepare to pack up. An explosion suddenly shakes the area, and Melia says to leave the blanket and to head back to the forest as soon as possible. She heads off first, and you follow. Before you head back into the caves, an Absol appears before disappearing just as quickly.

Team Xen Attacks

Exiting Goldenwood Cave, you are soon confronted by three Team Xen grunts. One of the three sends out an oddly colored Meowth, which Melia recognizes. She tells you a code to open her briefcase, and you obtain a Snag Machine. Using the machine, you capture the grunt’s Meowth. Melia wonders for a bit why her father would pack a Snag Machine, before dismissing it and urges you to accompany her to find the leader.

The two of you eventually reach a blonde man, who introduces himself as Zetta. He then shows off a portal behind him, which he calls a Dimensional Rift. This Rift in particular is a Gyarados. After a battle against Zetta, he orders the Rift to consume you. Melia tries to hold on to you, but you are sucked into the Rift.

Inside the Rift, you make your way through an odd version of the forest. Eventually you come face-to-face with the Rift Gyarados and battle it. You succeed in subduing it, and return next to Melia. Melia reveals that she managed to escape thanks to the Garbodor from the sewer, and the two of you get back to the lab. Once inside, the two of you find out that Professor Jenner was working with Team Xen, and one of Team Xen’s admins is in the room. The admin’s name is Madelis, and Melia battles her. Melia tells Hapi, her Togepi, to use Metronome, and is teleported away. Madelis orders her grunts to scour Gearen City for Melia, before heading out of the lab herself.

Professor Jenner apologizes, and Ren also walks in. As Professor Jenner explains his situation, a black hole appears and sucks Jenner in. You bring Ren up to speed, and he concludes that Melia must be in Route 2. To get to Route 2, you must have the first badge. He says he will get Venam into the gym, and that you should go battle her.

First Badge

You make your way through the Xen-infested city to get to the gym. After battling the trainers and solving the color puzzles, you find yourself against Venam and challenge her for the badge. After obtaining the badge, Venam asks you a few questions before heading off to Route 2 herself. She also says that you’ll need Rock Smash, and that she’ll call her friend, Karrina, to give it to you.

    Chapter 2: Redemption 

Obtaining Rock Smash

You exit the gym and meet Karrina. She says she is willing to give you the TM, but only if you help her first. You accompany her to the other side of town, where a mad scientist is supposedly experimenting on Pokemon. You enter the lab and battle a strange Musharna. After the battle, it turns out that the scientist is helping the Musharna. Korrina apologizes and both of you leave. Korrina gives you the TM for Rock Smash and heads off, while you head to the train station that takes you to Route 2

Hide and Seek

You arrive in Route 2, but before you get anywhere a black-haired girl swoops in from behind you and takes your money. She taunts you from across a smashable rock, but when you reveal yourself to be in possession of Rock Smash, she quickly runs away. You chase her as she disguises herself, and eventually you find her in front of a cave. She laughs a bit, says her name is Nim, and shows you where she hit your money, before challenging you to a surprise battle. After the battle, she gives you a Twisted Spoon before disappearing, wishing you luck on saving Melia.

Dead End

You enter Amethyst Cave and meet up with Venam and Ren. The two of you prepare to head through the cave, but a man stops you, claiming that Melia took the wrong turn and went down under the caves. After slight discussion, the three of you head down the caves.

Eventually, you come to dead end and find Zetta. He reveals that Melia is dead, throwing down her bloodied bag as evidence. He battles two of you, before sucking the three of you up into a Dimensional Rift. You battle the Rift Galvantula and escape. Zetta looks in disbelief, but before much else can be said, the same black hole that sucks Jenner in reappears in front of Zetta. A woman who you seen on the boat and her Gothitelle appears. The woman introduces herself as Crescent, warns the trio to not get involved, and teleports away. Ren and Venam go their separate ways, and Ren suggests you to continue through the tunnel to Sheridan, where you can get your second badge.

Sheridan Village

You eventually reach Sheridan from Amethyst Cave, where you are greeted by the Eldest. You head up to talk with Sensei, the gym leader, and meet Aelita along the way. You and Sensei, named Keta, talk for a bit, before he sends you on an errand to obtain a Soul Stone from Amethyst Cave and to take it to where Melia died.

You head back into the cave to find the stone. You find a garden surrounded by five empty pedestals inside the cave, and also find Keta’s spirit. Keta’s spirit reveals that he is in Team Xen, but that Keta himself is harmless. The spirit gives you the Soul Stone, and tells you to come back once everything is settled. Nothing happens when you take it deep down where Melia died. You return to Sheridan, where Keta agrees to battle you. You come out victorious, but before Keta gives you a badge he runs off behind the waterfall. Aelita, worried, follows behind him.

Secret Volcano

You enter a secret cave behind the waterfall, which somehow leads into a volcano. Aelita joins you as you make your way through Team Xen grunts, and a robot AI named SEC. Eventually Madelis traps you and kidnaps Aelita, but Keta arrives in time to help you. The two of you make your way to Madelis, where she reveals that she has a Shadow Mewtwo. You and Keta battle Madelis, but the Mewtwo is too powerful. Keta puts himself into battle, telling you and Aelita to shut this place down. The two of you find the power source which is a Rift Volcanion, and Aelita distracts Madelis while you destroy it. You reappear from the rift to find Aelita unconscious, the Mewtwo out of Madelis’ control, and Crescent walking about. The Gothitelle teleports you away from the volcano as it explodes.

Some time afterwards, Madelis comes back to Team Xen’s headquarters, where we see Nastasia, the purple-haired woman from the ship, Nevad, the old man from the boat, and Geara, a black-haired man. Madelis hobbles in to explain her failure. As she talks about you, you appear on the table between all of them, before immediately disappearing. You find yourself back in Sheridan, where Aelita reveals you have been missing for weeks. After some talk, Eldest shows you where you can purify the Shadow Pokemon, and Keta’s spirit reappears.

Second Badge

You head back down to Keta’s spirit, where he explains a bit more about his situation. He also suggests a battle, since he is able to still give you a badge. You battle him, and obtain the second badge. Keta’s spirit slowly fades out. As you leave the garden, the room shakes, and a statue appears on one of the five pedestals around the garden.
    Chapter 3: Tainted Light 

The Golden Path

You make your way through Route 3, meeting a weird man named Rorim B along the way, and reach the gate to Goldenleaf Town. However, Ren blocks your path with a gate. After heading back to Gearen City to find Venam so she can melt the gate, you find a strange glowing "doorway" inside the Sewers, and a mansion on the other side with Venam and two of her friends.

Mysterious Mansions

After entering the mansion, you are all captured by Indriad Theolia, who imprisons you. You are then freed by his daughter Maria/Marianette. Marianette tells you to leave, but you refuse to leave your friends behind. She accompanies you to face her father, who agrees after making a deal. If you and Marianette passes her father’s trails, they can leave. If not, her father can do whatever he wants with them. After participating in a series of trials, you manage to free your friends. However, Marianette is taken and your last trail is to beat her.

Third Badge

You battle Marianette, and succeed obtaining the Normality Badge. However, Indriad attempts to sacrifice you, Venam, her two friends, and Marianette herself. Marianette awakens something inside herself, and somehow stops Indriad. She apologizes for not being able to go with you and sends you all to safety back in Gearen City, before confronting Indriad herself.

You awaken inside the sewers, hearing Venam’s two friends leaving her. After talking with Venam, the two of you head to Route 3, where Venam melts the barrier, giving you access to Goldenleaf Town.

    Chapter 4: Isolation 

A Lonely City

After entering Goldenleaf Town, you briefly confront a trio of locals who have formed a mob against a girl named Mosely. You meet Narcissa, the town's Gym Leader, and she sends you to break up a group of unruly Trainers in the Pokémon Center. You go to the Pokémon Center, win a few battles, and head to Wispy Tower to talk to Narcissa. Narcissa agrees to battle you, and returns to Goldenleaf Town.

You follow her back and watch Aelita confront Narcissa. The three of you are interrupted by Geara. He gets his Haunter to choke both Narcissa and Aelita, but a local rushes over and Geara hides. The local sees their leader on the ground and blames you, hauling you to prison. You are rescued by Mosely, who tells you to go to Wispy Tower.

Radio Laboratory

Mosely joins you in your Wispy Tower expedition, where you eventually reach a lab where Giratina is hooked up to a machine. Geara frees and captures the Giratina, before battling you. After the battle, Narcissa manages to get her Dusclops to send Geara away to a different dimension. The two of you return to Narcissa’s home.

Planning a Play

Narcissa and Aelita come up with a plan to change the townsfolk’s mind, with your battle with Narcissa being the finale. You enter the gym, where Ren appears closely behind you. Narcissa gets you and Ren to race to the end, and the winner will get to battle her. You make your way to the end and find Ren reaching the end at the same time. Ren battles you and loses. He leaves and tells you that he won’t be watching your battle.

Fourth Badge

You appear on stage to battle Narcissa. After the battle, a townsperson comes up to protest the message, but with a few words from Narcissa, the play ends in a success. Narcissa thanks you and Aelita for helping the town, and tells you to meet in front of the Giratina Statue in front of town.

Ren is seen outside the gym, talking to himself. Crescent appears before him, and Ren demands answers. Crescent obliges, but only if he walks with her.

    Chapter 5: Imprisoned 

Ruins, Forest, and an Empty Town

You and Aelita make your way through the Wispy Ruins to emerge on Route 4. Nim reappears and attempts to block your path. You are forced to run around to find her clones, but you eventually manage to find all of them. She tells you that there’s no one in Akuwa Town and that she has a bad feeling, even trying to get you go back to Gearen with a Bike Voucher. With no options left, she battles you, but after she loses she lets you proceed. You enter Akuma Town to find nobody aside from Aelita and an old man lying on the streets. The two of you revive him, and you end up at the Aquarium. You and Aelita go deeper and deeper, but the two of you suddenly find yourselves surrounded by Team Xen. The two of you try to escape, but is captured.

Broken Castle

The two of you are taken to Blacksteeple Castle, where Aelita is promptly separated from you. You meet Saki, Valarie, and Adam, three prominent gym leaders. The three explain the situation, and you four try to figure out a way to escape. Saki finds something and messes with it, which alerts the guards. The three of them run away, but you are caught and brought to the Warden. The warden tells you that those who disobey are forced to endure electrical shocks, and brings up Aelita as an example. He lets you go and you regroup and explain what Aelita’s situation to the group. The four of you gather some information, but nothing can be done. As the four of you talk about what’s next, you witness a hooded person entering the castle. They claimed to be shipwrecked and are taken to the Warden. The hooded person manages to convince the Warden to give them a job.

The morning of the next day, the hooded person brings Aelita to you. Aelita doesn’t say a word. Your instructions from Saki takes you to the library, then to a secret grove. You are introduced to Braixen who can talk via a machine that Saki built. You talk to Braixen for a bit, before heading back into the castle. The hooded person enters the area, and after a heated discussion with Valerie, the day ends.

Nighttime, you play as the mysterious person who washed ashore. You look through the library, find a hidden passage, and find an imprisoned Aelita. You talk with Aelita about a plan.

Day three, back in your own body, you head over to the secret grove to meet Valarie and Braixen as Saki distracts the guard. A laser misfire later, you, Valeria, and Braixen enter a secret cave and eavesdrop on your mom, Madelis, and Nastasia. A plan to disable the machine is formed, and you collect parts for Saki to build something. However, your plan was cut short and everyone is called back into their cell.

You break out and find an old friend. You make your way to the secret cave, disable the machine, battle Madelis, then battle with your mom to escape. You group up with Aelita at the top, beat the Warden, and then get decimated by Madame X. Madame X attempts to kill the two of you, but Nim saves you. Madame X’s second attempt takes your mom’s life. The mysterious shipwrecked survivor reveals herself as Melia, stuns Madame X, and everyone escapes the island on Team Xen’s Battleship.

Unintended Destination & the Fifth Badge

On the ship, you have conversations with everyone, and Melia explains her side of the story on the island. She also challenges you to a battle. After the battle, everyone goes on to the deck to relax. A mysterious fog encompasses the ship, the surrounding temperature increases, and an island appears before the ship. The ship, unable to stop in time, rams into the island. The force of impact knocked Saki off far away, but the rest of you disembark. You battle two rangers who thought you were Team Xen members.

The group decides to head into the jungle to Kakori Village. However, thick vines blocked the straight paths, and thus you need Surf to proceed. Valarie battles you, gives you the Dewdrop gym badge, and Melia gives you the HM needed for Surf.


    Chapter 6: Nimpossible Predicament 

Jungle Issues

You make your way through the forest and to a Ranger Outpost. The two rangers guiding you step on a teleport pad and teleports away, but when Valerie tries to go next, it doesn’t work. The group decides then to get through the forest, and eventually you encounter the Carnivine that blocks paths. As the group corners the Bug Catcher Pokémon, Nim, who was feeling off since you met her in Akuma, steps forwards, apoligzes, before releasing Professor Jenner, Zetta, and Geara. Nim then turns to stone. You battle Geara, Zetta turns Carnivine into a Rift, which then absorbs you. After defeating the Rift, you return to the real world. Melia explains that Nim was taken by the trio to the top of Valor Mountain, a volcano on the northern part of the island. They claim they will return Nim if Melia gives herself up at the top of the mountain.

To the Mountain?

You finally make your way to Kakori Village and meet Crawli, the gym leader and boss of the rangers on the island. After some discussion, the group heads north towards Valor Mountain. You meet Zetta halfway who, after escaping across lava, reveals that there is an ongoing attack on Valor Shore and the Xen Battleship. The group quickly goes back, leaving Valor Mountain behind to protect the ship. You and the rest of the group defeat a horde of Dexoys.

When you reawake the next day, the group meets with Crawli once again. Adam and Braixen decide to stay behind to help defend the battleship while everyone else move forward with the plan to get Nim back. After some research, Melia finds that there exists a TM called Magma Drift which can allow the user to cross lava. However, you are lacking the badge requirement for the TM, and Crawli is missing. As you are discussing the topic with Melia, Venam arrives on the island and is reunited with Melia. You are then tasked with finding Crawli’s whereabouts through his father, Rorrim B.

Secrets Revealed

You find Rorrim, defeat him, and gain the location of a secret hideout of Crawli’s. You, Aelita, and Melia head over to an area behind Sheridan Village, called Sheridan Wetlands. You eventually come across a factory, where inside you meet Ren who is now working with Team Xen. Melia confronts Ren, but Ren runs away. You pursue him through the factory, finding both Crawli and Nastasia, and finally battle him. He apologizes to Melia and escapes with Nastasia. Crawli apologizes for not being able to defeat Nastasia, and tells you he will wait for your battle.

Sixth Badge

You return, go through Crawli’s gym, and defeat him to earn your next badge. He then explains more about the situation in Kristalline Town nearby. You learn that Kristalline Town has been taken over by someone called Angie who has ice and teleportation powers. Angie is currently unreachable, but she does keep teleporting posters into Kakori Village. You leave the gym and Aelita enters the gym to take her turn for the badge.

    Chapter 7: A Teila Fire and Ice 

Cool Caves, Heated People

You come out of the gym to find Melia and Valarie ready to head over to Teila Resort nearby, partly to search for Saki, and partly because the Fire gym leader lives there. You head west and go through Aquamarine Cave. There, you find Saki who is playing with a group of Sharpedo’s. The group continues west and eventually reaches the resort, where you once again meet Tesla, who is the owner of the resort. Melia also reveals that Tesla is part of the Elite 8. Tesla listens to your situation, and reveals that the gym leader is her daughter, Amber, but that she is not here. She asks you find her in Aquamarine Cave by yourself as she takes Melia to the resort to force Melia to relax.

You head back into Aquamarine Cave to find Amber, who rudely tasks you with recovering a stolen CD. You go to Venam, who, upon hearing Amber’s name, immediately heads over to Amber. You go back into the cave, and after some thrown insults, the cave collapses under Amber’s feet. Venam jumps down to check on Amber, you follow, and the three of you make your way back to the resort.

A Resting Place, but No Rest Found

Back at the resort, you find a fighting match between Saki, Venam, and Amber, with Melia, Valarie, and Tesla trying in vain to defuse the situation. Amber agrees to battle you only after you entertain her with a battle of you and Melia vs Venam and Saki. You proceed to battle, but then Amber delays the official gym battle for a cooking show. Tesla gives the group some rooms to stay in, and tells the protagonist that they are now owner of a room in Tesla’s personal home-resort.

As Tesla is showing you the room, Amber enters, and Tesla snaps. Amber retreats back, Tesla excuses herself, and you find Amber in her room crying. You attempt to comfort her, but is told to get out, and as you get out you hear Amber screaming. You find that Amber is being kidnapped by Madelis, and the rest of the party is knocked out by drugs in the cooking show. You defeat them, but are put to sleep. Before you get knocked out, Madelis tells you to bring Melia to her in the basement of Valor Mountain instead of to the top to Geara.

It’s A Trap

You awaken and meet with the group to decide what to do now that your badge options are limited. Suddenly, a poster appears, and with it a hologram. The hologram introduces itself as Angie, and that if you, Melia, and Venam head over to Kristalline town, she will give you a badge. Valarie warns against it, but agrees in the end as there are no other options. You, Melia, and Venam head over on Tesla’s yacht.

At Kristalline, you meet a girl who warns you to leave. She realizes that you are also there to find the TM for Magma Drift, takes you to the shop, but then forces you out of the building before a column of ice encases the building. The three of you make your way to Angie, who then traps you within a Dimensional Rift.

You slowly make your way up the tower in the Rift, freeing Venam along the way. You also meet Kreiss, who asks you to free him and you are given the option to free him or not. Regardless, you find Angie attempting to sacrifice Melia, but something goes wrong and Melia, phasing through different forms, blows Angie back. You and Venam find Melia in the next room, unconscious.

Seventh Badge

Venam carries Melia to the top of the tower, where Angie blocks your path. You then engage in a battle against Angie’s team. Upon Angie’s defeat, she attempts to freeze the three of you, forcing the three of you to retreat back down the tower. If you had rescued Kreiss, he comes in to save the day. Otherwise, Valarie appears to save you. Either way, Angie becomes encased in Nevermelt Ice. The group leaves the building, and you are given the ice badge from Kreiss.
    Chapter 8: Those We Lose 

A New Sensei

You return to the resort and is tasked with trying to find a way to unmelt the TM shop to get Magma Drift. You head over to Kristalline Town to do some research, and run into Aelita. The two of you battle, and while discussing the topic a girl walks up with some advice. She reveals herself to be Ren’s twin sister, Reina. Reina gives a tip about an item called the Magma Stone before leaving, and Aelita agrees to help you. You and Aelita go back to Sheridan Village to access Caratos Mountain, thinking that since there is lava there, there may be a Magma Stone. You meet Amanda who delivers news that a guy named Texen is now the sensei and leader of the village.

You and Aelita confront Texen, who agrees to battle you with Aelita on the line. Aelita agrees, and comes up with a plan to destroy the gym which she suspects connects to inside Caratos Mountain. You go along with the plan, manage to break into the mountain, and leave Texen’s gym covered in lava.

A Maid-made Race

Inside Caratos, you and Aelita find a new area covered in poisonous waste. You go through the caves and three maids, including Angie’s head maid Cera, appears before you. The maids stall you, but you manage to head inside into the Garufa Ruins. You make your way through the ruins, solving puzzles, to try to get to the Magma Stone before the maids. However, you eventually meet a dead end, and Aelita suggests going back to Sheridan to ask the Eldest for help. Eldest was very reluctant, but eventually agrees after forcing Aelita to promise to never mess with Garufan magic again. The three of you head back into the Garufan ruins and meet a Xen Grunt. The grunt reveals that he knows how to open the door, and Eldest forces Aelita to stay behind.

You and the Eldest enter the Garufan Chamber, and find that Cera had subdued the legendary Pokemon Groudon after it killed the other two maids. You battle her, and Groudon faints, dropping the Magma Stone. You snatch it, but then Cera snatches Eldest, saying that Eldest will die unless you hand over the Magma Stone. You are forced into a decision, either give away the Magma Stone, or save Eldest. If the former is chosen, Cera takes the stone and leaves. If the latter is picked, Cera drops Eldest and attempts to wrestle the stone out of your hands. The stone breaks, and Cera leaves with the smaller chunk.

You head back to where Aelita is, but only find Aelita’s comatose body. The Xen Grunt attempts to escape, but his body vanishes. Eldest tells you to leave, and that she’ll take care of Aelita.

To the Mountain

If you still have part of the Magma Stone, you can melt the TM shop and obtain the TM for Magma Drift. Either way, upon heading back to the resort to regroup, you watch Melia fly off to Valor Mountain alone. You and Venam follow in hot pursuit, with Valerie saying she’ll find Saki, Braixen, and Adam. If you have Magma Drift, you simply enter the cave through Route 5. Otherwise, upon confronting Crawli, you discover that he had another path to the mountain.

Either way, you fight your way up the mountain through Team Xen grunts. Here, you can also head to the basement to confront Madelis. Once you start heading up the mountain, you meet Saki, Valerie, and Adam halfway, who gives you Magma Drift if you haven’t gotten it. You can also choose to free Reina who managed to get captured by Team Xen. You eventually make it to a plateau near the peak, where you fight Sharon and Eli. After a scene involving Crescent, Saki appears. Crescent teleports Saki, Adam, Valerie, and Braixen away, leaving you and Venam to continue up the mountain. You meet Melia, who explains the plan to use her Zoroark to trick Zetta and Geara.

The three of you attempt to follow the plan, but was busted almost immediately. As you prepare to battle, Zetta realizes that Professor Jenner is attempting to free Nim. Geara and Zetta quickly run over, with you and Melia on their heels. Geara ends up throwing both Nim and Professor Jenner into lava. You and a furious Melia battle Gearen and Zetta. Even after emerging victorious, you are shoved into lava.

Game Over?

You wake up on a small path, and as you walk more and more of your friends appear dead along the path. You end up finding Crescent, who explains that you are dead. However, Crescent explains that because you are special, you are going to go back to the land of living. She asks you to not involve yourself in the fight, before you are transported back to Valor Mountain and the land of the living.


You come back to life on top of Valor Mountain. Everyone is shocked, but then Crescent appears alongside a Mewtwo. Crescent reveals that Zetta is a clone of Melia, and reverts Zetta into a Solosis and captures him. Geara is forced to retreat, and Giratina is freed from his control. The group departs from the mountain.

The next day, you wake up inside the battleship, with a message from Melia asking you to accompany her to within Terajuma Jungle for a small memorial service. Afterwards, the two of you head back to the resort. Crescent and everyone has a small conversation in which Amber agrees to battle you, and in private Crescent asks again for you to stop involving yourself with everything that is going on. She does, however, suggest you go to the party and enjoy yourself.

Eighth Badge

Crescent leaves, and you head to the resort and enter the party. You hype up the party enough until Amber is satisfied, and the two of you battle. Upon emerging victorious, you obtain the eighth badge of the game. As you leave the party, Amber suggests the two of you ditch the party and go hang out in her room.

    Chapter 9: No Time Left To Lose 

Missing Melia

You meet Amber in her room, and the two of you watch TV and talk for a little while before being interrupted by Venam, Amber pushes Venam out of the room and takes you to a pokeball storage room. Venam comes in insisting the two of you help search for Melia. Amber grumbles but agrees and leaves the room. You and Venam go ask Augustus, the boat captain, and find out that someone had spotted Melia climbing Mt. Valor. Together, the two of you head up to a cavern inside the mountain.

A previously closed gate had opened, and you and Venam enter to find a forest, and eventually also find Melia in front of a crystal. Venam and Melia have a heartfelt conversation and Melia accepts both of your help. The three of you touch the crystal and are teleported away.

Forward to the Past

You appear in a forested area, and head out into a city. Melia reveals that you are now in the past, specifically Kugearen City before the catastrophe. Someone approaches Venam about her purple hair, and Melia takes Venam away. She tells you to meet her in Ambrette Town up north. You follow her up and find her with a man named Irvin. After you and Venam change clothes, Irvin catches you up on the organization. The group that Melia is in are called the Storm Chasers who seek to prevent a calamity. Crescent was also revealed to have been in the Storm Chasers but went rogue. After some more discussion, Irvin asks Melia to go back to her part time job as a waitress in Kugearen City. Melia grumbles, but leaves the room. You and Venam go out to explore a bit.

You find Venam in the Pokemon Lab. Here, you meet Kanon, another Storm Chaser who was rescued after Melia. Upon hearing that Melia is back, he quickly asks for leave to go find her. Venam grumbles a bit and follows him over to Kugearen City. You find the two of them confronting each other in the restaurant Melia works at. Eventually, Melia snaps at both of them, and they both leave the area. Venam meets you outside, and the two of you hear a scream from the woods to the east.

A Familiar Mansion

The two of you help rescue a lady from a group of Shiftry’s. The woman introduces herself as Anathea. Anathea asks you two to follow her so that she can thank you. Upon reaching her house, Venam recognizes the house as very similar to the one we found in the sewers with Marianette. The two of you cautiously enter the mansion, to be greeted by a Vitus, her husband, their daughter Maria, and an oddly-colored Gardevoir. Eventually, you accompany Vitus and Maria back to Kugearen City.

Back in the Kugearen, you drop off Maria to tutor a purple haired child. Then you and Venam accompany Vitus to Blakeory Co. You meet with the president of Blakeory, who is arguing over the land that Vitus and his family currently lives on. After some heated debate, Vitus leaves. After some potential optional scenes, you meet Vitus and Venam back at the mansion. However, before the conversation gets far, a knock is heard from the door.

The three of you are forced out of the mansion by a group of police officers. The police officer proceeds to order his Tangrowth to destroy the mansion, but as it strikes the door, the door opens and it strikes Anathea instead. Vitus breaks free of the police and hurries inside to see her. Gardevoir appears and proceeds to teleport the police officers away, and you and Venam run back to Kugearen City.

As you head back, you find Kanon heading towards the mansion. You and Venam head back towards the mansion. Upon entering the mansion, the ghost of Anathea shows herself and tells you to find a way to unlock the red door in the main hall. Eventually, you find the passwords and keys necessary to unlock the door. The two of you and Anathea head downstairs into the basement, where you find a congregation of maids and Kanon among them. Vitus and Gardevoir ask for a volunteer to take a bomb into Kugearen City. Kanon volunteers, but then reveals that he is a spy and that he now has evidence. Gardevoir effortlessly teleports Kanon away and a different maid takes the bomb and leaves.

You are then given a choice to rescue Maria or the police officer who killed Anathea. Either you are forced to leave the mansion and run back to Kugearen to stop the bomb. Kanon is found in front of the mansion and joins the two of you. Your first attempt to locate the bomb fails, and Madame X in your post-death vision tells you the bomb’s location. You guide the other three, Melia joining you along the way, to the bomb’s location. You defeat the maid, and Kanon snatches the bomb. Suddenly, the mysterious purple fog reappears and takes Kanon with it. There are also instructions to go to West Gearen. Melia guides you to a different time crystal that teleports you back to Gearen City.

Back to the Present

You reappear back in Gearen Sewers. You, Melia, and Venam confront Karrina, who is not willing to give you access to a boat to West Gearen, especially after revealing a bomb is involved. A mysterious poisonous mist that instantly knocks people out also surrounds West Gearen. As you and Venam distract Karrina while Melia finds a different option. As you distract her, Melia jumps from her Togekiss and drop kicks Karrina, knocking Karrina out.

Poisonous Mists

The three of you take her keys and proceed to drive the boat to West Gearen. You find the city covered in a green haze, and head into the sewers where you meet Erick and his Electivire. You also meet an oddly colored mutated Garbodor. You and Venam make your way through the sewers and Melia acts as a guide. Eventually, you corner the Rift Garbodor in a cave where Kanon also lies unconscious. It turns out that Garbodor has absorbed the bomb as a power source. Here, if you have completed a side mission, you will have the option to save Garbodor. Either way, you battle it one last time. After you defeat it, the area is cleared of the green mist.

Ninth Badge

The next destination for the four of you will be Grand Dream City. Melia, Venam, and Kanon agree to wait for you to battle Erick for your next badge. You head up north to the powerplant and battle Erick, earning your next badge.

    Chapter 10: Stopped In Our Tracks 

Train to Grand Dream City

Once you obtain your badge, you meet up with Melia, Venam, and Kanon. The three of you obtain tickets and board the train. On the train, you are introduced to someone who you may or may not have met before. Either way, she introduces herself as April, and the two of you talk for a bit, with Venam joining for a short while. The train continues to move forward.

Eventually, you meet April again near the front of the train. In the middle of your conversation, April seems to activate some power, and after a panicked call to stop the train, April glows and the train comes to a screeching halt. A group of people disembark to find the train tracks completely ruined. April tasks you to head find someone to fix the tracks. Melia and Venam accompany you, but Kanon receives a different task.

Empty Towns and Full Forests

You eventually find Oblitus Town, a ghost town with only a few inhabitants. You find the person you are looking for, and then head off to Darchlight Woods. After exploring the Darchlight Woods and its surroundings, eventually you come across to green-haired people who introduces themselves to be Florin and Flora, twins who are investigating reports of strange forest activities. Before more can be said, the floor opens up beneath the three of you and the three of you drop down into Darchlight Caves.

Secret Caves

In Darchlight Caves, you are given an option of who to go with, between Florin, Flora, and a girl named Erin. If you go with Florin and Erin, you’ll find some evidence of a team called Bladestar making their base in the caves. If you go with Flora, Flora reveals herself to be part of Bladestar and erases the data on the computer.

As you continue your journey, the cave changes its layout. You’ll be trapped in a room and forced to make a Darchlight Mirror, which allows you to change the cave layout to proceed. Finally, you make your way through Bladestar grunts and make your way up to the surface. Once you reach the surface, if you chose to accompany Flora, you now have a choice to expose her to Erin and Florin. If you chose to expose her, Florin will express his disappointment and arrest Flora when the three of you get back to the train. If not, the three of you meet Melia back at the train.

Tenth Badge

Before leaving, you are suggested to battle Florin or Flora for the badge. If Flora is arrested, you will battle Florin. Otherwise, you will battle Flora. Either way, you make your way back into Darchlight Woods and challenge the grass-type gym leader. Once you beat the leader, you go find Erin in Darchlight Manor and then head back to the train to finally reach Grand Dream City.

    Chapter 11: Grand Dream City? 

Giant City to Explore

After talking to Melia on the train, you arrive in Grand Dream Station. The group is given vaccines upon entering the city, with Melia curiously being given one that is different from the rest of you. The woman in charge also feels like she has given you the vaccine already, but at the insistence of the others that this is your first time in Grand Dream City, you are given a vaccine anyways.

After exiting the station, you are greeted by Rhodea, who Melia recognizes is a Storm Chaser. The conversation drifts from topic to topic, before Rhodea invites all of you to her penthouse in the city. The rest of the group make their way there, with you following behind. You catch up with the group at the Central Square, where the group learns of a Pokemon tournament going on. You are also introduced to Risa Raider, an idol who had just signed up for the tournament. The group is excited about the tournament, but Risa reveals that she had just taken the last spot. The group is dejected, but head to the penthouse.

Finding Clues

You arrive in the penthouse in the Residential District and, after talking to Rhodea, you decide to explore for a bit. You eventually run into Lavender in the eastern part of Dream District. You also meet Huey. The group heads back to Dream Complex and then head into Talon’s penthouse, who you had learned earlier was turned to stone. The three of you search for a bit, but are interrupted by Team Bladestar. You find that Bladestar had found some tickets to a theatre performanceYou head over to the theatre and find that the performers are you and your mom. Upon seeing the actual you, however, the performers quickly stop the show. Eventually, you head over to Mika’s Café to discuss your findings. You also find Valerie, who seems to have no memory of anyone in your group. After that, you and the group decide to go to sleep.

New Day, More Choices

The story hear diverges based on your choices in the Darchlight Caves. If you went with Flora, you will accompany her in the botanical garden. You’ll find how to enter Team Bladestar’s base, and you watch Flora give a rousing speech. You also find Erin in the base listening in. If you didn’t go with Flora, you’ll head to Cassandra’s Office in Judicial District. You’ll have the option to spill the beans about what you’ve seen. Once that meeting is finished, the storylines converge once more.

You head over to the Shopping District to find Venam, who is looking to buy Melia a birthday present. Once you choose a color, Venam will choose the other one and challenge you to a battle to find out which color should be given. Whether you win or lose, you’ll head back to the villa to find some gift boxes. Opening the boxes reveal Alice and Allen. There may also be an extra person if you have done a side quest, but that extra person leaves immediately.

Another Rock, Another Mystery

That night, Lavender leaves the penthouse. Venam, who was awake, spots Lavender and decides to follow her. Eventually, they meet at the park. Venam scolds Lavender about sneaking out without telling anyone, but they are interrupted by a strange noise.

The next morning, the group finds out about a commotion in the park. You hurry there to find Venam turned to stone, and Lavender nowhere to be found. Huey runs off trying to find her, and Venam is taken to the Hospital, with a distressed Melia accompanying her. You find Huey in the northern part of town near the sewers, along with an out of breath Lavender. Lavender also gets taken to the hospital, and you return to the mansion. You talk for a bit with Alice and Allen, with the former telling you to go to sleep and dream a nightmare. You attempt to sleep, but nothing happens.

You talk to the twins again, who gives you some advice about what to do. Once you exit the penthouse, you find a man who complained about getting nightmares. He tells you the location of the shop where he bought a medallion. You go buy the medallion, and return to the mansion to sleep.

Nightmare City

You wake up in a city similar to Grand Dream City, except everything is grey and dreary. You also meet Aelita, who you had last seen in a coma. She obtained pink hair and a temper during your absence. The two of you walk around Grand Dream City to find the Puppet Master, but you run into Zetta instead. Zetta claims he is working with the Puppet Master. He continues to taunt the two of you as you make your way to the Toy Box.

In front of the Toy Box, Zetta challenges you to a battle. After the battle, Zetta gives you a few words before disappearing.

The Eleventh Badge

You enter the Toy Box with Aelita. After figuring out the puzzle, you and Aelita face Magenta and Neon, the Puppet Masters, in a double battle. Once you succeed, you head deeper into the box to talk with Magenta. Magenta reveals that he needed you and Aelita to reunite, and that things are happening in the world. He also calls you the Interceptor, and with a few final words of riddles, the scene fades and you wake up.

    Chapter 12: Remember, I Love You 

    Chapter 13: Conflicting Ren-Union 

    Chapter 14: Death of One, Birth of Another 

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