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Recap / Pokemon Nova And Antica Ch 9

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“All my good friends together again. I can’t lose this time. I’m taking this all the way.”
Ash, promising to win the league with all of his friends here now

The chapter starts off with Yoshino leading Ash and company to the stage on Morwenna Lake to see Marina, who is relaxing until it's time to act. After a quick, humorous scene, everyone goes to the stands to watch the show. Marina lives up to her title, commanding and manipulating her Pokemon with great skill, as well as putting herself in the middle of things.


The next day, everyone is at the Gym now where Marina and Ash have their Gym Battle at long last. Because Ash only has three Pokemon, two of them new, Marina resorts to low-level Pokemon, yet they prove tough as ever. Rockler manages to claim victory against Finneon despite type disadvantage. Once Rockler is knocked out, Gouzatile forces a double knockout against Barboach despite all the odds stacked against him. This leaves Tralin versus Pikachu. A tactic with Barboach keeps the advantage in Tralin's favor, but once that trump card wears out, it's all over.

Ash wins, and his friends—seeing his progress—shower him with praise in grand fashion. He earns himself the Marine Badge, the first step to the Tenla Pokemon League conference.

  • Blood Knight: Deconstructed. Marina loved her battle with Ash as it reached a climax and so did Tralin. However, they get so caught in the moment, neither realized Mud Sport vanished, which kept Pikachu's electrical attacks at bay.
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  • Book Dumb: Lampshaded when Tralin and Pikachu discuss Ash pointing at how Tralin and Tranpsy can "swim" through the air. Although it's not quite obvious to the audience, it's implied in-universe everyone understood the mechanics except him.
  • Double Knockout: The fate of Barboach vs. Gouzatile thanks to the latter's sheer tenacity.
  • Dynamic Entry: Marina makes a flashy entrance at the start of the Gym Battle. She even admits she likes to make these types of entrances. Makes sense, given her secondary occupation.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Marina points out the "brat" in the "Sensational Sister and one brat" thing, much to Misty's chagrin.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Ash remembers his battle with Tucker (specifically his Arcanine's Extremespeed versus his Swellow's Quick Attack) in a clash of priority moves.
    • The "Sensational Sisters and one brat" quibble comes up thanks to Marina.
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  • Pun: The chapter title is a pun on the phrase "what are we waiting for". Say it out loud and you'll get it.

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