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Recap / Pokémon "Holiday Hi-Jynx"

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Original Title: Rougela's Christmas

Original Airdate: October 5th, 1998

US Airdate: December 11th, 1999


  • Anachronic Order: This episode was supposed to air around where "Pikachu's Goodbye" was slotted, but ended up airing much later in the season. As a result, an episode with Charmander aired during the period when it should've been a Charmeleon in the US, and Charizard in Japan.
  • Black Face: There was a complaint that the featuring Pokémon Jynx, looked like this to people in the West.
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  • Bowdlerise / George Lucas Altered Version: Later Japanese airings of this episode digitally color Jynx's black-colored face to purple, to appear less offensive and reflect her current appearance. This has yet to be applied to the dub version, though (and thus hasn't been rerun or released on any format for some time now.)
  • Canon Discontinuity: Thanks to Pokémon S1E38 "Electric Soldier Porygon", this episode is loose canon at best.
  • Christmas Episode: The plot is kicked-off by Santa losing his boot.
  • Eye Catch: This episode, the Who's that Pokémon is Jynx (original) and/or Pidgetto (dub).
  • Mr. Fanservice: Ash spends a good deal of the trip to the North Pole in a pair of blue and black striped boxers. Cue fangirls.
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