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Recap / Peg + Cat S1E8 "The Giant Problem"

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This episode begins with Peg and Cat sitting on spools of thread at the table of two giants, expressing their joviality at "having them for lunch".

When they go to wash their hands, Cat leaves, saying, "Now's our chance!". Peg asks what he's talking about and it turns out that he thinks the giants are literally going to have them for lunch. Peg explains that "having them for lunch" just means that they have come over to eat lunch and that it's wrong to judge someone just because they're different from you (reckoning Cat is afraid of the giants due to their size). Cat is still unsure, however, and points out that there is no food on the table.


Peg decides she'll open the giants' cupboard to prove that the giants don't eat humans or cats but finds it is locked. She begins to "totally freak out", but thankfully she doesn't need to count backwards because Cat has found the key and opened the cupboard. Turns out the giants eat cookies, not people or cats, so problem solved. But then, the Three Bears, the Three Billy Goats Gruff, the Pig, and another pig come out from the cupboard. Peg asks why they were there and they reveal that, similar to Peg and Cat, they were invited over to lunch but got nervous so they went to look in the cupboard. However, they got locked in and suspect that the giants did it on purpose. Peg doesn't believe they'd do that, but just to be safe, she agrees to help them escape. Just then, the giants show up and Mrs. Giant agrees to wait for Peg and Cat, who she suspects to be in the bathroom, while Mr. Giant fetches things from the kitchen. Peg decides that everyone needs to stick together. Every time they hide, Peg adds them up and they say, "Ten! We did it again!".


First they hide in a pitcher, with the exception of Pig, who hides under a cup, but then Mrs. Giant wants Mr. Giant to fill the pitcher with milk and bring the cup, so the fairy tale characters hide under a hat while Peg and Cat hide behind some sunglasses. However, Mrs. Giant asks for them, so they hide in a tissue box except for Peg, Cat, and the Pig who hide in a graduation photo, but Mrs. Giant's allergies play up so she asks for the tissues, and then asks for the graduation photo. Everyone slides onto the floor via a tea towel and they go out, riding on a piece of toilet paper attached to Mr. Giant's foot, except the bears and pigs who ride a roller skate.

Cat wants to run away, but Peg says no and shushes him before he can ask more questions. The giants walk off, worried that their friends have fallen into the toilet, and Peg, Cat, and the fairy tale characters are about to escape down the beanstalk, but then realize Pig is still on the table. They try to get him back, but Pig accidentally ends up under a salad bowl. Peg begins to freak out but notices a hole in the table that she starts to slide the bowl towards so Pig will fall out.


They slide down and approach Ramone building a house for the Seven Dwarves, so he cuts down the beanstalk. The giants then appear and reveal that the cupboard just always locks when it's shut and they weren't going to eat them. The rest are disappointed to learn that the beanstalk will take about ten years to grow back, but then cheer off and sing about how there's ten of them.

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