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Recap / Peg + Cat S1E31 "Yet Another Tree Problem"

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Peg is stuck in a tree and Cat has no idea where she is. He even has to do the theme song without her. After the theme song, Peg complains to the viewers and says that her situation is a big problem, which wakes a sleeping Cat. He goes to look for the problem but doesn't see any problems, so he falls back asleep. He begins to scat-sing in his sleep and Peg sings along, complaining about being up a tree and talking about how she misses Cat. After the song, she decides to entertain herself with a yo-yo, which she accidentally bonks Cat on the head with. He finally knows where she is and promises to help Peg get down. He can't remember how he saved Peg, but he decides that he's independent enough to think of his own solution. Seeing as it was Peg who got him out of the tree the previous two times, he decides to think like Peg. He remembers that Peg writes with a "twiggy thing" but he doesn't have one, so he picks up a flower to write with. He sneezes and it breaks, forming a ladder shape. Upon seeing a ladybug walk up the "ladder", he is inspired to make a real ladder to bring Peg down.


He finds a rake and some skis for the sides, and then bumps onto a wheel, which knocks over some sticks that he decides to use as the rungs. When he gets back, Cat does not know how to put them together, but decides that he could tie them together when he sees Peg's yo-yo string. He asks a little boy in a bear costume for his jump rope, but the boy says no until Cat pretends to cry, upon which he gives him the rope.

Cat then ties the ladder together but does such a bad job that Peg doesn't even know it's a ladder. He tries to demonstrate but it falls down and they both end up stuck. Ramone, who is mowing the lawn, arrives and asks why Peg and Cat are in a tree, but they lie for some reason and claim to be sightseeing. Ramone points to the ladder and asks what it is, so Cat explains. Ramone points out that the ladder's rungs aren't horizontal and its sides aren't vertical. He also explains the meanings of those words and that they need to be that way for it to work. Peg asks Ramone to fix it, which he does, but he climbs up and it falls over, leaving all three of them stuck. Peg and Cat totally freak out and Ramone freaks out a little bit. Peg then decides to count backwards and Cat decides to act more like himself. Then, Peg sees Cat's tail moving up and down, which inspires her to use her yo-yo to get the ladder. It works, and they get down. Ramone leaves and Peg and Cat sing about teamwork.


This episode provides examples of

  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: Cat is "purply and blue", a blue-striped bird appears, and a yellow squirrel appears.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: Cat says the phrases "you genius" and "totally freaking out", which are usually Peg's lines.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Peg talks to the audience at the beginning.
  • Catchphrase: Peg says, "big problem", "totally freaking out", and "you amazing cat".
  • Cat Up a Tree: When Cat climbs his "ladder", he gets stuck as well.
  • Character Tics: Peg flaps her arms when freaking out. Cat actually does this too in this episode, but not Ramone, possibly because he was less freaked out.
  • Crocodile Tears: Cat gets the jump rope off the boy by pretending to cry.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": A cat named "Cat".
  • Friendship Song: The ending song is about Peg and Cat working as a team.
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  • Funny Animal: Downplayed for Cat, who walks on two legs and speaks, but also sleeps a lot and in a catlike position. Also downplayed for the squirrel, who walks on two legs and speaks but acts like a squirrel. It's unknown where the worm falls on the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism because it showers, can talk, and freaks out when seen in the shower (possibly implying that it usually wears clothes) but it also lives under a rock.
  • The Klutz: Exploited when Cat bumps into a wheel and it knocks sticks he needs into his paws.
  • Melancholy Musical Number: Downplayed for the song Peg sings about being stuck in the tree. She seems a bit sad but is mostly just annoyed.
  • Missed Him by That Much:Peg is so close to Cat that she talks about missing him even when he's right under the tree she's in (although it's possible she didn't know he was there).
  • No Name Given: The kid in the bear costume, the squirrel, the bird, and the bugs are unnamed.
  • Noodle Incident: It's never revealed how Peg got stuck.
  • The Power of Friendship: The ending song is all about working together.
  • Scatting: Peg describes the noise Cat makes while singing as a "trombone sound".
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Ramone describes his lawn-mowing job in a complicated way that Peg and Cat don't understand at first.
  • Special Edition Title: Downplayed. Peg is missing from the intro, but it isn't really that special since the intro changes every episode anyway.
  • Talking Animal: The ladybug can talk but otherwise acts like a ladybug.
  • Totally Radical: Downplayed. The phrase "totally freaking out" is the only jive phrase said in this episode.
  • Undying Loyalty: This episode, like the previous "tree problem" episodes, highlights the fact that Peg and Cat never give up on each other.
  • Variations on a Theme Song: In this episode's Theme Tune, Cat sings all of Peg's lines as well as his own. The offscreen voices also sing the "Ten? Yeah!" part instead of Cat.


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