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Recap / Peg + Cat S1E16 "The Beethoven Problem"

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The episode begins with Peg (who's very excited because she loves Beethoven's music) and Cat visiting Ludwig van Beethoven. Peg explains that Beethoven is frustrated because he's having trouble writing a symphony for the King, who will be coming over to eat wurst. She then reassures Beethoven that he'd be able to come up with the symphony as he's already written four, which leads to a conversation with Cat about the words "first", "second", etc. Beethoven begins to cry because of his writer's block. Peg cheers him up by suggesting starting with a pattern and Beethoven gets an idea for the pattern by the sound of Cat laughing after feathers fall on him. The problem is solved, however, in typical Peg + Cat form, another one arises: Beethoven dances on the table, knocking it over and squashing the wurst. They try "un-squooshing" the wurst, but that's impossible, so they go shopping for some more.


Peg and Cat goof around on the stairs and then they go outside. For some reason, Pig is the King (creating a sense of urgency as he's near Beethoven's place) and Ramone runs the wurst shop. Singing to the tune of his new symphony, Beethoven explains that each guest needs three short wursts and one long wurst. Peg and Cat add them up to make twelve short wursts and four long wursts. Ramone puts them in a bag and hands them to Beethoven.

When they exit the shop, they find that the King is entering the building, so they run in through the back door. On their way upstairs, Beethoven begins to worry what if the King hates his symphony but Peg and Cat give him a pep talk. They then set the table, but Beethoven realises his symphony has no name. However, after the freaking out scene, Beethoven is inspired by the sign attached to Cat's tail that came off the door and simply opts to simply call it his fifth symphony.


The King enters and Beethoven plays the symphony, which leads to the ending song, during which four men, Ramone, and the Neighbour Ladies come over and join in.

This episode provides examples of

  • Borrowed Catchphrase:
    • Cat and Beethoven say, "Really big problem" along with Peg.
    • Beethoven says, "Cat's right, we should count backwards from five to calm down" along with Peg.
  • Funny Animal: When Pig is being the King, he wears full royal garb.
  • Happy Dance: Deconstructed. Beethoven does a dance of joy on the table, knocking it over and squashing the wurst.
  • Leitmotif: Subverted. A certain tune usually plays when Peg says, "Really big problem" but in this episode, Beethoven's fifth symphony plays instead.
  • Pun:
    • Cat claims that "wurst is best".
    • Ramone says, "I do my wurst".
  • Speak in Unison:
    • Peg, Cat, and Beethoven say, "Really big problem" in unison.
    • Peg and Beethoven say, "Cat's right, we should count backwards from five to calm down" in unison.
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    • Peg, Cat, and Beethoven say the fifth symphony's name in unison.
  • Speech Impediment: Beethoven pronounces his "W"s as "V"s, especially telling when he mentions the King "wanting his wurst". He also has a lisp.
  • Subverted Catchphrase: Ramone says, "I do my wurst" instead of "I do what I can".
  • Writer's Block: The episode starts with Beethoven having trouble thinking of a symphony.


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