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Recap / Parks And Recreation S 06 E 04

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Eagleton has been absorbed into Pawnee, and Leslie has to integrate Eagleton's government workers into Pawnee's government departments. Each member of the Parks Department meets with his or her Eagleton counterpart. Ron meets Ron Dunn, whom he at first likes until he finds out Dunn is a vegan hippie. Donna meets Craig, a very intense and slightly crazy man. April meets Tynnyfer, a shallow unintelligent woman who April declares to be the "worst person" she's ever met. Tom thinks he is going to meet a guy named Eric, but it turns out to be a computer program called ERIC (Eagleton Reservation Information Center). Ann meets her counterpart, Evelyn. In addition, Jerry has come back to work. When he asks everyone to call him by his real name, April starts calling him Larry Gengurch, and the name sticks. With all of this, there are now too many employees, so Leslie has to cut some staff.


Chris and Ben relive their old auditing days together and demonstrate their amazing teamwork with their infamous good cop/bad cop routine: Chris gets everyone in a good mood in the lead up to Ben swooping in and hacking the situation with a machete. While they're excited to see Pawnee and Eagleton are merging to create a bigger, better city, Eagleton's government lost millions of taxpayer dollars, leaving Chris and Ben have to clean up the obscene mess they have made.

Ann reveals to Leslie that she's considering moving away from Pawnee in the near future. The news does not sit well with Leslie, and she inevitably takes her frustration out on everyone else.

Tom, knowing that the ERIC program will no doubt replace him, makes sure Leslie thinks "Eric" is a terrible person by describing him as a someone with a bad attitude, unreliable, and a racist. Ron Dunn decides to leave and pursue a different path. April tricks Tynnyfer into going to Dwayne Wade's house. As for the other Eagleton workers, only Craig is competent, and when Donna realizes how passionate he is about his job, she offers to give it up for him. However, she's allowed to keep her job.


Having realized how selfish she was being regarding Ann's news, Leslie agrees to sit down with Ann and talk things over.

Chris and Ben go out to dinner after a long day of auditing and sorting out the financial mess Eagleton left behind. Both of them eventually realize that their former life was never really that great, as they remember the times where after a long day of slashing budgets in a random town, they'd end up back in a crummy hotel and eating together in a sleazy bar, much like where they are right now. They agree that things are better now because they both have someone special in their lives. Chris then tells Ben that he and Ann are leaving Pawnee. Ben is sad about this but is happy for them.



  • Absentee Actor: Chris Pratt does not appear in this episode.
  • Doppelgänger: The gang at Pawnee City Hall meet their counterparts after Pawnee annexes a broke Eagleton and everyone from the Eagleton government comes over. Hilariously, Ron's doppelganger is a sandal-wearing vegan.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Tom's job is threatened by the implementation of a computer program, E.R.I.C.(Eagleton Reservation Information Center). Tom replaces it with T.O.M. (Town Organizational Matrix).
  • Malicious Misnaming: When Jerry returns from retirement, he asks his coworkers start calling him by his real name. April declares his name is "Larry Gengurch" and it sticks.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: Ron Dunn.
  • No Indoor Voice: Craig Middlebrooks.
  • Sixth Ranger: Craig is the only member of the Eagleton Parks and Rec department to stay in Pawnee.
  • Valley Girl: April's Eagleton Doppelganger, Tynnyfer. Also invoked by April who impersonates her, all for one big practical joke involving sending Tynnyfer to Dwyane Wade's house.

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