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Recap / Parks And Recreation S 05 E 21

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Ron, who hates government interference and/or funding in private business, proposes to City Council that they stop funding the local miniature golf course. Of course Leslie disagrees, and the vote goes 2-2, with Jamm as the swing vote. Since he dislikes both Ron and Leslie, he tells them that whichever one of them wins a round of miniature golf will get his vote. Ron wins, but the next day Jamm approaches Leslie and tells her he could be persuaded to change his vote. Though it means losing the golf course, Leslie is disgusted by Jamm's morals and refuses.


Ben, April, and Andy hang out at a bar and discover that Andy's band is playing without him, with Burly singing as lead. Andy confronts them, but he fails to understand that they tried without success to get in touch with him. He decides to quit music completely, after one last swan song. Tom and Ann are also at the bar, and Tom begs Ann to help him break up with Mona-Lisa. This backfires as Mona-Lisa decides Ann is her new best friend. Ann and Tom pretend to be a couple, but Mona-Lisa thinks they want a threesome. Ann gives up, and Tom and Mona-Lisa are still a couple.

The next day, Andy's co-workers arrange for Burly to meet with him. They would be glad to have him back as long as he is willing to practice with them. Later, as they play at a bar, Andy and Burly both sing lead.



  • A Good Name for a Rock Band: Andy discovers his bandmates have been playing gigs without him. When he confronts them, he says they should change their name to "Burly and the Backstabbers." After he leaves, Burly and the other musicians note that this sounds pretty sweet and admit that Andy has a real talent for (re)naming the band. (They eventually reconcile and continue playing as Mouserat, though.)
  • Comically Missing the Point: Mona-Lisa thinks Ann's her new best friend after the latter tells her to break up with Tom.
  • Shout-Out: When Leslie apologizes for using a gorilla mini-golf statue to guilt-trip Ron, she says, "Twas Leslie that killed the beast."
  • Wild Card: Councilman Jamm says that he could go either way on this one and then Leslie and Ron try to get his vote.
    Jamm: Hm. On one hand, I love cutting government programs. On the other hand, mini golf rules. And on the third hard, I hate both [Leslie] and Ron Swanson. This one could go either way. I'm kind of a bad ass wild card.

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